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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Blog Eighteen 2.0

~ Blog Eighteen 2.0 ~

Now I didn't know if calling this blog post Blog Eighteen 2.0 was a little bit dramatic, because usually people 'relaunch' or get back to blogging after a long long period, well for me its been 3 weeks.. but I have had a certain new lease of live and have randomly sat down and wanting to write. Since starting University last week, everything has been a little bit busy. I've had the stress of sorting everything out back home before I leave, moving here, settling in, socialising, starting the course... I haven't had time to really want to blog at all. When my real life is actually interesting I can quite easily distance myself from the internet..

Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Conclusion of Everyday in August (31)

~ The Conclusion of Everyday in August ~ 

That's a wrap! I challenged myself at the beginning of August to ~try~ and blog everyday this month and yano what? I gave it my best shot. Ok yes, I may have failed a tiny tiny little bit in the past week - with some days, come 7am, there being no blog post. But, despite this, the first 3 weeks of August I did manage a post near enough everyday whilst on holiday for two of the weeks. For this I give myself a pat on the back! As this challenge has taken up a large chunk of my time this month, I felt it was only right to give it a conclusion. Talk you through some of my favourite posts and well, finish 'Everyday in August' properly... 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

August Favourites | Everyday in August (29)

~ August Favourites ~

I'm sorry, the last week I've been a little bit inconsistent with blogging everyday... I'll just give you that lame excuse that I've been busy and haven't had time to blog. Shall we move swiftly on and I'll talk you through a few favourites of the month? Yes let's do that! Over the month of August I seem to have picked up a few beauty bits, read a few magazines and as you've probably seen.. travelled a little bit. August has probably been my favourites month of the year so far. So, to concluded this glorious month, I wanted to do a little bit of a summery post. Of course Everyday in August will get an official summery on Thursday, the last day of the month. But today, I wanted to do a little highlights post, because why not - like I said, I seem to have had a blast the past few weeks!


Saturday, 26 August 2017

From Paris to Berlin | Everyday in August (27)

~ From Paris to Berlin ~

Never in my life did I think I'd actually carry out the actions sung by yano, those people, whoever it was.. you know the song 'From Paris to Berlin and every disco I get in...' ANYWAY, in the past few weeks I've been to both Paris and Berlin, now I thought to myself a little life catchup was needed. After being home just under a week I know have a whole lot of stuff I need to sort out, my life is going to be a little busy. So, why not tell you all about it, yes?!

Friday, 25 August 2017

CHOP CHOP | Everyday in August (25)

Now, despite me blogging (near enough) everyday this month, its been a while since I've actually taken proper outfit photos. With being on my holiday(s), life's been a little busy but finally I've had a few days to myself to catch-up and finally take some photos. Today, I wanted to show you what must be one of my most casual outfits - well 'dressed up casual' I like to call it (HAHA) I recently bought some new accessories and chopped the bottom of my long leg white wash jeans. So, in todays post I thought I'd chat a little about these... enjoy!
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