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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Snippets of My Life From The Past Week & a Half

 ~ Snippets of My Life From The Past Week & a Half ~

I have to say, the quote 'the difference a couple of months can make' could not be more true right now. I have gone from moaning day in day out how boring my life is, having absolutely nothing to do, in a place with not much excitement (lol N.Wales) to having midweek Espresso Martinis in Brixton.. my life has completely flipped on its head. But I have to say, all for the better. I'm probably the busiest I've been for years but its all good stuff, having the pleasure of actually enjoying your uni course and having met great friends too, I constantly having things planned. I may be a person that likes a few hours to herself, but really life is pretty good right now... I of course haven't blogged as much because of the busyness, but today I wanted to share a few little snips of things I've done in the last week.. enjoy!


Friday, 13 October 2017

The Sad Decline of Print.

~ The Sad Decline of Print ~

When was the last time you read a magazine? Do you regularly purchased a magazine, sit down as often as possible and just read, not got distracted by Social Media, did you switch on the TV instead? - This is something that I asked myself recently. I seem to have acquired a handle full of magazines, but actually making the effort to sit down and reading these prints never seems to happen. With Glamour recently announcing they are to stop print magazines and become bi-yearly, it really hit home how much print has declined. Is Social Media to blame? or is it simply a sign of the times? (lol kinda sung harry styles then) Whatever is the reasoning, its very clear print magazine is over the hill and if I'm honest I think we should all be a little sad by it..

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Wondering Belgravia

~ Wondering Belgravia ~ 

Remember I did that post a few weeks back were I was all 'I'm going to be back blogging regularly!!' .. Well that is the plan but at the moment, with uni etc. I'm just a bit busy (I know right, such a lousy excuse) but I am trying, haha! - Anyway, I visit the beautiful Belgravia over the weekend with a couple of uni friends and visited the pink wonderland that is Peggy Porschen.. and I'm blogging about it; SEE at least I have 1 post to give you this week..

Monday, 2 October 2017


~ London Lovin' ~

As you may know by now, I'm now all settled and well into my university degree (well, its coming up to a month since I moved here!) and as I am luckily enough to be studying at a university that is a literal stones throw away from the capital city, I have spent many days on the train and exploring the heart of London. Its been a combination of having actual projects to do in various places there and being too exciting that I can jump on a train and be there before I know it. As I've spent so many days (well it feels like it anyways) in London, I have ~ of course~ taken way too many photos - so many Instagram-worthy photos! I simply wanted to put together a post of a small handful of places that I've visited and loved over the past 3 weeks - enjoy!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

A Sunday in Chelsea

 ~ A Day in Chelsea ~

I may still be in the bubble of being a fresher at University, you know; when coursework and deadlines haven't really it yet. When everything is still a bit new, so stress doesn't seem to really hit you at all.. well as I am well and truly in this bubble right now, what better way to exploit the fact you (for the first time ever) have the privilege of jumping on a train and being right in the heart of London in a blink of an eye.. On Sunday, me and one of my oldest, bestest friends met up for a day in Chelsea. Probably one of the snobbiest, wealthiest places I've ever seen - we had brunch, got our nails done and generally had a good ol' girly day out - why not, eh? Come, in November/ December when deadlines actually ~do~ hit, this'll almost impossibility - so Sunday seemed the perfect day to trapes around the Kings Road...

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