Sunday, 22 March 2015

Colour Chart #2

 Blue; my second favourite colour after pink.. especially pastel blue (can you tell, huh)
Blue, in my world, is a Spring/Summer shade. This pastel skirt will be making its firm reoccurrence this summer for the second (or is that third?) year, its just so dreamy! I team pastel blue with nigh on every colour in my wardrobe, it goes with black, pink, even green. With these pastel blue heels, I wore them last year with a black, floor length dress and found it really brought the outfit to life... such a lovely, lovely colour!


Pattern ~ I love it. I feel it definitely brings an outfit together. Whereby it being that LBD or that Jumper & Jeans combo, throw on a patterned scarf and suddenly you could turn heads. Personally, I love patterned skirts teamed with a plain top; it can be a little safe, but at the same time, the pattern can draw the eye and spurs up an otherwise, rather plain outfit. Even when accessorising, take this Aztec bag (2011 calling?!).. think your outfits needs a lift? pair it with a patterned bag and you'll bring a little life to your outfit once more.


 So you ~may~ or may not have spotted this outfit in my previous Black Panther post *wink wink* (I put it all together and decided it looked really nice!)
I find black such a versatile shade, I don't wear an awful lot of black, think jeans or pump. Often I'll team a black piece with something that needs toning down - the leopard skirt above for example. Its such a classy colour, but I don't like to dress like the black death or as if I'm attending a funeral. So whether it being Winter or Summer, black does make an appearance, but its never the wardrobe staple.




  1. Your photography is amazing and I'm loving these colour chart posts; they look great!
    Olivia xx

  2. Loving the blue and all the prints.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  3. I love everything you have here! One thing I love about spring/summer is the bright colours and fun prints. Great post!

  4. Love all of the blue picks! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog


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