Monday, 5 October 2015

Dusting off the Winter Coat

 (Blouse; Zara (similar), Coat; Zara, Jeans; Topshop, Brogues: Next (similar), Boots; Next, Sunglasses; Prada (similar)
 So, here I am once more, dusting off the winter coat and preparing for the clocks to be put back an hour. For cosy evenings and freezing ice to become a custom and sandals swapped for boots. I have to say, it seems like every man and his dog loves winter, ok we may be in autumn right now, but in this country autumn and winter are basically rolled into one; just ice cold winds and rain for a solid 7 months.

Here, I have my warm hefty coat I got last year for my birthday, as a present from my Nain (-grandma in welsh ha) and I have to say, that this Zara beauty is my favourite thing ever to wear as it gets colder. Its quite a loose fit, with no buttons to do up in the front, though because its so loose, you can warm it around like a blanket (well that's how it feels!) The pattern also adds to my list of things I love about it - its versatile enough to literally go with any outfit (well, I haven't found anything that doesn't compliment it yet!)
I have to admit, a good winter coat does come at a bit of cost - this one being (I think) £80 ish pounds last year, but from my point of view, if I buy a coat, the amount of wear I get out of it justifies the price, plus its not as if many winter coats like these ever go out of fashion, as to say. So, I feel its not as bad to folk out a little bit more!



  1. that coat is gorgeous, i love the print!


  2. I really like Winter! I love being inside when it is so cosy and warm, add on a cuppa tea ands some biscuits and we are in heaven! I love the pattern of this coat it's a real statement without being overly in your face. Beautiful :) x


    1. Winter is really a great time of year; cosy nights & biscuits - what more do you need!! xx


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