Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Spring Forward

So, its been over the weekend that I've noticed the weather has started to actually put its hat on and small (well I should say tiny) signs of Spring are showing. Officially, I think Spring starts the end of March, which is a about a month away. But, its definitely starting to not be glum, dark and miserable day-in-day-out, as it has been for what feels like the last millennium.
Anyway, in a mini celebration to the weather being actually ok for a change I thought I'd do a little post on things I'm looking forward to when Spring does actually arrive...
PINK: Pink is just thee colour of Spring for me. The light pink skirts, the pastel pink nails, the pink flowers..  it all just screams Spring to me and I bloody love it.
Light Wash Jeans: Throughout the winter I feel like I've lived in black jeans and quite frankly I'm bored of it. Once the sun starts shining a bit, its nice to have a bright outfit, and although its still going to be incredibly cold here in the UK, little wash jeans are just the perfect thing to fit in with this time of year.
Banishing The Boots: Again, I feel like I've lived in boots (how many times have I featured my black Monsoon ones by now?!) I actually can't wait to be able to wear ballerina pumps or any kind of flats and not have to worry about my feet being close to hyperthermia..
Tulips: Tulips are Spring to me, so its safe to say I cannot wait to fill my bedroom, week-in-week-out, with different coloured Tulips OH YES.




  1. YES to pink, YES to tulips and MAYBE to banishing boots! I WANT to banish them but it's STILL too cold, especially since I heard it was going to SNOW tomorrow near me. I can't be wearing flats any time soon if it's going to snow tomorrow.

    Oh and YES to light wash jeans too <3

    Cat | What Cat Says

    1. High Five for Spring! hahaha yeah the boots aren't being banished yet, but I cannot WAIT for them to be put in the back of the cupboard for a few months!! x

  2. Oh my god your photography is so beautiful! You should do a post about how you take and edit your photos because I'm literally obsessed hahaha xxx

    1. Thank you Lily, oh you do make me smile!! - That is a good idea for a post, I have no idea what tips id give but I could give it a go! xxxx

    2. Always happy to be of assistance ;) Just teach me your ways!! hahaha Seriously your photos are so gorgeous I can't even xxx


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