Monday, 7 March 2016

Designer Discovery | Alice + Olivia

 :: Alice + Olivia

Its a known fact by now that I love to browse, browse shops, browse websites, I just love to look at things and (often) pretend I can afford it... Yeah I tend to browse the Net a Porter website a lot more than Forever 21 or Topshop. It was whilst I was on the Net a Porter website, amoungst all the lusting of Valentino shoes (I'll buy these eventually, then I'll stop moidering on about them!) or drooling over Saint Laurent that I discovered a brand called Alice + Olivia. With me, once I like a brand I tend to always want to look at and purchase from them specific - take Zara & Ted Baker as an example, my wardrobe is basically a 50/50 split! 
Once I started looking into what these had in store, I literally fell in love. I'd say the vibe of there peices is quite bohemian, its has very flowy dresses and seventies patterns. The off the shoulder top pictured below is a top I would die for. I don't know, its just when you see a collection of items and you just love every single thing, you know its on the list, well its on my list of brands I'll be drooling over many a gloomy night on the Ipad! The one thing I'd say broken my heart a tiny bit was the price range. Don't get me wrong, its not extortionate, we're not talking high four figure sums for a basic balck t-shirt. But they are sort of, mid three figures - (again) the off the shoulder top below (ive fallen in love with it basically) is around £300. So its not a brand I'm able to shop from often, its more a brand I would save up and buy I piece.. Then cherish that piece with every bone in my body. Anyway, this is the latest installment of Designer Discovery, Its actually been a very long time since ive found new brand I've not heard of.. Well ladies and gentlemen, here is Alice + Olivia.
~Alice + Olivia on Net a Porter (all photos used)
~Alice + Olivia Website



  1. Ahh love the second skirt, (is it black and white feathers?) that's so gorgeous!! Xxx

    1. I think it is feathers, I love everything by them, its seriously so pretty.. I seriously, seriously need a lottery win with my taste in clothes hahaha!! xxx

  2. This designer looks so interesting. It reminds me a lot of festivals with the tribal design and clashing block colours. I absolutely love new, high fashion so this was a great post to come across!! Thanks so much for sharing this brand with us!! x

    1. Yes it reminds me of festivals too, its all the patterns I think! - glad to be a source of information hahaha! xx


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