Monday, 14 March 2016


Over the past few years, my hair has been an array of colours. Nothing too out there, but it has chopped and changed between Blonde, Brunette and for a little while, Mahogany (well it was mahogany for about a week then it faded haha!) It's also over the past few years that I've set up quite a pattern in my hair dying, its something I've briefly mentioned before but every winter I always want to have dark hair. Not too dark, but I will make an effort to go to the hairdressers and ask for all the blonde to be taken out. On the flip side though, as soon as even a glimmer of Spring/Summer is in the air, I *instantly* want blonde highlight aaaall over.
The reason for this post is actually because I've book the hairdressers this coming Saturday, in the hope they can lift this limp hair of mine and brighten things up around here. Generally my hair isn't incredibly dark, with my natural dark being, sort of, medium/light-ish brown. But over the years I've had so much blonde put in it on and off, that it tends to fade quite light anyway.
In the Hairdressers I hope for some balayage, something I've not had before but I hope it just brightens up my hair and gives me a base for more blonde over the summer!
(... the top left hand pictures gives an idea of how light I like me hair in summer!)
Now, I literally can't stop singing 'Hair' by Little Mix.. gotta get him out my haaaair HA!


  1. Ahh your hair is so nice! (Love the blonde!!) I really want to dip dye mine later brown / blonde this summer but I'll definitely have to go to the hairdressers because I do not trust myself to do a good job haha xxx

    1. Www Dip dye, that's something I've thought about but am a bit scared it'll go wrong if I did it, that's why I always go to the hairdressers, I'd mess everything up if *I* tried HAHA - I actually prefer my hair blonder, but I just goes dry really easily :( aaaaaah well! xxx

  2. All the colors are so pretty on you! I really love my natural hair! I've just done a little ombre last year.. and now is almost gone xd

    1. Aw thank you, youre too kind! - I love the whole ombre thing, its so pretty! xx


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