Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Wardrobe Staples on Hold.

So, it seems hear in Britain, as soon as you get you're hopes up that Spring/Summer/ just general warm weather has arrived, it disappears in a blink of an eye and you're back to wrapping up in blankets and praying its stop raining for just an hour at least.
Well, take last (Easter) Sunday for example, here on Anglesey, we had Sunshine, Torrential Rain, Sleet AND a Thunder Storm (with lightening) all within one day.. #ClimateChange
Anyway, back to the actually point of the post (I'm really not educated enough to lecture you all on the rising temperate of the plant etc.. I'll leave that to the professionals) - Fashion staples that have been temporarily put on hold for me, and *hopefully* be resurrected asap when the weather does actually get its arse in gear..
The first being, short sleeve and cropped tops. For example in the top photo
(or on me here last summer for reference) I've very much worn this top to death in the summer months, but as of now, its a little bit too summery and well, cold. It actually sits just in the middle of my belly button, meaning it does show a little bit of flesh, so really with the way spring is as the mo, doooesn't really fit in!
Second, are skirts, skirts with thick black tights don't really scream Springtime, but its too cold to wear nude tights either.. I always find this transitional period of season weird, I've sported this Topshop mini, scalloped skirt last August and back then it was warm.
So skirt with nude tights or bare legs are just going to have to
 wait just a few more weeks/months!
Finally are dolly shoes/ ballerina flats, whatever you want to call them. I honestly, don't think I've worn ballerina shoes this year yet, because boots have basically been strapped to my feet. And even if I have, my feet have ended up hypothermic or completely sodden. I just really really want it to brighten up so I can leave the house and not worry my feet will freeze because I don't have socks on.. PLEASE GOD, PLEASE.


  1. Lovely pieces! I agree, this period we're in at the moment is so hard to dress for! Some days it's too cold, others it's in the middle and then in a few week's it will probably be warm haha xx

    Lauren |

    1. Its so confusing, like do I wear a coat out, do I chance not wearing one?!? Haha same with sunglasses usually when I take them out it starts raining or something HAHA!

  2. Your photography is just... wow! (I see that white board is back in again!) ;) I totally relate to this post. I'm constantly putting together outfit ideas in my head and then realising that in reality it's like 10 degrees outside and I'll literally catch pneumonia! So yeah, summer hurry up! xxx

    1. HAHA I just really want to wear dolly shoes and not be freezing, Im not asking for much am I *cry face* - oh well cross fingers we actually get a bloody summer (ok I sound about 80 years old BUT ITS TRUE) HAHAHA xxx

  3. Gorgeous pictures, lovely! I know what you mean about wanting to wear all the spring items when it doesn't really feel like spring is here at all though! x

    Martha Jane |

    1. If it was a little warmer it would be something, its just no good is it?!


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