Saturday, 21 May 2016

A Typical Week in May..

I thought, as a little extra post this week I'd do a round up of probably very-boring-for-most highlights, including things I'm reading/ doing and bought..
Without being completely crippled for posting another selfie here, I'll give some context, all this week I've absolutely loved the feeling of my hair being straightened. I honestly don't think I've whipped out the ol' GHD's since year 10 (when the straight 'do was the shit) but since Monday, when I had just one of those 'huh, I fancy my hair straight' moments, I've loved how swishy its felt.. its probably not done my hair a whole lot of good, but you just can't beat the swish...

It terms of what I've read, I started 'All the Bright Places' by Jennifer Niven, from the blurb I gather its about 2 teens in 'high school' (I had to Google what year 'sophomore' was, good start haha, no idea') who are both very low/ depressed and begin a friendship/ relationship.. I'm only about 3/4 chapters in so am yet to grasp the story line, but so far its very up my street, so all good reviews so far! - Also this week, I bought a Spanish dictionary to help with my lessons I'm currently taking... nothing much else to say about a dictionary really is there..!
My last highlight from the grid is the bunch of flowers I've had in my room all week. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers and they always just remind me of Spring, so the crazy flower loving lady over here can't help but love the bunch being displayed in her room, lovely lovely flowers!



  1. Ahh I'm so excited you're reading All The Bright Places! It's so good, if not slightly sad. I'd say the story picks up as it goes along - hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I did! Also your hair looks fabulous! Xxx

    1. I'm loving the book so far, can't really see it being a book I won't enjoy... good recommendation there Lily, thanks!! xxx

  2. Those flowers look so so pretty and I love All The Bright Places xx

    1. Love tulips so much! - everyone seems to be saying All The Bright Places is a good book which fills me with hope! xx


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