Friday, 13 May 2016

Smiling My Way Through

~Smiling my way through~
 I'm at that point in life were I'm not quite sure where I'm heading. People, generally my age are in University right now, If I had gone, I'd be finishing my first year right now. But I'm not. I chose to just go straight into the working/ adult life. I currently working in an office and to be perfectly honest I really do like it a lot because I've always been a bit of a perfectionist and just a little too organised for my own good, so office work suits be fine. But, often I get that 'ok so you're working, what next' feeling.

With being in university, I imagine you're goal is to obviously graduate, get a job, start a life in a new city and become the 'adult' you kind of are in your early twenties (well that's the stereotypical image I can imagine!) But, for me, I do often have pangs of worry about what I'm doing. I work 15 minutes away, live at home with my mum and spend my days having adult conversations about bin collection dates and what my colleagues are cooking their families for tea. I'm 19 and the rest are 50+ - Its a strange environment and I often worry that I'm not living my life, what if this is it?!!
The thing I try and do when I get this is just smile, smile through everything because it makes life a little more manageable. Deep down, I obviously know my currently work situation won't be forever and I'm so lucky to be in a work environment I actually love, with funny/ kind people and be earning proper adult money, I'm just a worrier. I sometimes I worry I'm growing old too fast. But honestly, these are on the days when I'm not smiling - I often tell my self to just calm down and smile, its so much better for your stress levels. Thinking about anything is never going to do you any good,  just breath Lisa... !

Blogging can really be like therapy, can't it?! - I think what I needed to do was just type out loud how I feel. I may not be around my friends/ people my own age on a regular basis, but to be honest deep down I'm a 80 year old gran anyway, so I really need to stop worrying about being too old before my time. Just smile your way through, it makes life a lot easier.



  1. Blogging is definitely like therapy! I seriously don't know what I would have done without my blog this year.
    I think - especially for our generation - that there is a lot of pressure to go to uni because it's pushed on us by schools, by the government etc and yet it's not the only way to succeed. My dad (different generation I know) has 1 GCSE no A Levels, no degree and yet he has an amazing job. Don't think just because you're not going to uni that that means you don't have a life plan. Because I'd say at least half of people who go to uni still don't know what they want to do when they leave and they're in so much debt they spend 10s of years paging it off! We're all very young still, I wouldn't worry too much about finding the perfect job or about growing old too fast (GIRL ain't nobody got time for grotty nightclubs!) if your current situation makes you happy then that's the most important thing. Your happiness should always come first and just because one path is right for one person doesn't mean it's right for everyone!

    And just so's you know, you can always chat to me if you're feeling a bit down. :) #bloggerbestie number 1!! Trust me, I spend 95% of my time at work wishing I wasn't there! Xxx

    PS sorry for the really long comment ahaha

    1. Aw Lily your comment has made me smile so much, never apologies for leaving a huge comment - long comments are the best!! I know I shouldn't worry, just sometimes you know when you just over think, ah well my life iiiiisn't too bad at the moment so I'd say I'm so much more happier then I am sad, I'll figure out my life path eventually haha! - In the meantime, I'll carrying on working and blogging, and most imortantly chatting with you on a daily basis haha! Definitely number 1 #bloggingbestie, you da bestest!! xxx


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