Monday, 16 May 2016

Sunshine and Rainbows

[Blouse: Zara | Skirt: Zara (last year) | Shoes: C/O Boohoo | Bag: Lulu Guinness | Sunglasses: Prada]
Ok, so yes these pictures may be a bit too bright but to be honest when it came to editing them I felt a bit sad having to tone down the brightness, because they just show how nice the weather has been lately.. so I just left them in their bright/over-exposed glory..!
On Saturday I thought I'd (for the first time this year) brave the bare leg. Besides, It wasn't horrendously controversial and not once did I think 'Omg people think I'm mad wear a skirt and no tights'.. this just showed it was the right time. I went shopping to a local town (on my own my I add #MissIndependent) and had a quick whizz around, then came home a little bit later. I actually went to this specific town because I knew they had a clothes section in their Marks & Spencer, so thought yay great I can have a nosey at the Alexa Chung range. Yeah, turns out North Wales is officially behind the times with everything and all they had was Per Una and cotton blouses.. annoyinggggg - oh well all is not lost because the two pieces I had my eye on, despite being in and out of stock like a lighting flashes, were in stock when I checked the website Sunday morning, so they are officially on the way to me (keep an eye out for the blog post!!)
Anyway, later on my friend asked me if I wanted to go for some late lunch with her, so I had a lovely steak and chips, can't beat a pub lunch! Just to top off my fairly lovely Saturday, Eurovision was on and (like every year) I watched it solidly from start to finish. AND to make it just that ~little~ bit better JUSTIN FRICKIN TIMBERLAKE PREFORMED. He is honestly my fav person ever, I saw him in v festival two years ago and nearly cried with excitement.. oh what a good it was!
The warm weather does make everything feel that little better, doesn't it!



  1. You look so lovely! Seriously obsessed with the colour of your hair, oh my goshhh! (Eurovision was great wasn't it?! Haha) xxx

    1. Thank you - in the sun my hair looks lighter but I've booked to have some more highlights soon! (Oh yes eurovision was amazing as always!) xxx

  2. I love your shoes, they're so cute! How annoying your m&s doesn't have the Alexa Chung range yet, I still need to have a proper look at it myself!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Ah thank you! - yeah my Marks and Spencers is rubbish, oh well I've ordered a top and some trousers from the range now!


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