Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Sunshine and Butterflies

[Dress: Zara | Shoes: Valentino | Watch: Olivia Burton]

What is this? An outfit that actually resembles summer? REALLY? wow.
Yes that's right, I actually braved the nude-tights-and-dress-combo, the sun actually shone and I didn't freeze. Actually, a side note before I start, I am aware that some of these photos are different shades, but the sun was constantly in and out, what can a girl do eh? - some are more white, some are yellow-y, sorry about that.
Anyway, I braved a dress and tights, yes I did wear a coat for some of the day (I played taxi to my mum who was at a wedding down not too far away, then had lunch with my grandma) but the majority was spent in a short dress not feeling too self-conscious.
I bought this dress as a cover up for my then very burnt shoulders, when in Ibiza a few weeks ago - what can I say, Ibiza Town had a Zara, it was meant to be, I tell you!

The dress itself is a cream colour with embroidery details around the top and shoulders, It can be worn on or off the shoulders - I chose off the shoulders because that seems to be all the rage right now #ontrend (haha) The thin straps you can see is actually the bralette I wore underneath the dress. I'm not sure if you can see, but on the dress the cleavage gap, part is actually quite low, so you can either clearly see your bra, or if no bra is worn, your boobs are a tiny bit on show haha. So I have a cream lace bralette/ top type thing, it worked perfectly underneath because the lace looks so much better showing through ever so slightly. Sometimes, clothes just haven't been thought through to well by their designers have they?!!

Besides that, what better shoe choice than my Valentinos - not even going to apologies for this being about the 8th outfit post with me wearing them. I'm just getting my monies worth haha, besides their gorgeous so is very much allowed!!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!




  1. If I had those shoes, I'd do everything in my power to try and match them to every single outfit, how dreamy. Love the look!

    Jen / Velvet Spring x

    1. Ah thank you, hahaha yes they are so versatile, I try to pair them with everything! x

  2. Oh my goshhh I love you hair in these pictures!! (I feel like I always fangirl over your hair HAHA!!) I'm still crying over your shoes - they're sooo perfect! Serious heart-eye!! And that dress is super pretty too! Looking beaut as usual <3 xxx

    1. Hahaha aw, I never think my hair is anything special, you make me smile so much thank you! - I still cry over my shoes too, sometimes I think to myself, did I actually buy a pair?! Hahaha! xx

  3. You look so lovely, the dress really suits you! I have been loving the off the shoulder look recently xx

  4. That dress is oh so gorgeous! I am in love with your fashion sense. Ps, stop being so pretty haha! And those shoes are seriously something I envy you for, I need them too!!


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