Wednesday, 7 September 2016

An Autumn Toned Wishlist

[Tan Pinafore: Oasis | Bag: H & M | Coat: Zara  & Candle: Diptyque]

So technically technically it isn't Autumn until the 22nd but for me I'm in full on Autumn mode.. even if we are only 7 days into September - who cares anyway, I think you can quickly realise that I'm well an truly a #commonwhitegirl! Anyway, with the Autumn/Winter ranges already in shops, I've been doing the regular browsing and its safe to say I've found one or two items that are on the lists and will be bought in the blink of an eye! Two of the four items are a little pricey, like seriously fifty quid for a candle (I can already hear my mum saying the words 'you've paid HOW MUCH for that?!?') but I work full time and am great at saving my money when I want to.. might as well buy an expensive coat whilst I don't have a mortgage or kids.. well that's my mentality!!!
Tan Pinafore from Oasis | This pinafore was love at first sight. I've always been one for girly dresses like these (my blog is a display of this!) so this suede tan number is no exception. Luckily my student card works in Oasis so this won't be as expensive as the current price tag when I eventually reach checkout.. what a good excuse to buy a new dress, eh?! I may have just convinced myself!!
Burgundy Bag from H & M | I've been on the hunt over summer for a bag for the Autumn season.. I may have been looking a little too early, but as the shops bring out their A/W lines earlier than ever I thought I'd try my luck. This little bag is just the cutest. I have to admit I'm not too keen on the mustard colours fuzzy key ring, so I'd take that off. But for a little weekend bag, this would be just perfect!
Red Check Coat from Zara | Now this would be my Autumn/ Winter investment. Obviously its Zara, duh. But I genuinely love the check print. With the pink fur colour, I'd 100% take it off.. I'm just not a fan of fake fur like that!! Its on of those coats I'd get so much wear out of because it looks warm as well as being not too dramatic (well for me haha!) so would go with most of my wardrobe.. I may have to invest in this baby sooner rather than later!
'Turbereuse' Candle from Diptyque | Right, so this is what I mentioned early.. a £55 candle I have my eye on. Am I crazy for genuinely thinking I'm going to buy this.. perhaps, or perhaps not. To be honest I haven't smelt it so I'd definitely have to go into a John Lewis or Space NK to try first, but I'd genuinely burn it throughout the upcoming months. I'm such a candle lover so its would just be the icing on the cake buying a Diptyque one.. oh to be able to afford a house full of them!!



  1. I love the bag with the orange pompom, it reminds me of a pumpkin aha! Lovely post xx

    1. Its cute isn't it! Haha it actually does look like a little pumpkinšŸ˜‚ thank youu xx


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