Saturday, 20 May 2017

Why You Should NEVER Stick To One Style.

~ Why You Should NEVER Stick To One Style ~

I was in two minds whether I should post this photo. It can be annoying can't it, your self-confidence. I seem to be fine for ages and then sudddenly I'm paranoid about the way I look, the way I dress and how I look to other people. Anyway, in a complete attempt to gain my self confidence back - not that it has gone all together (may just be this week haha!) I wanted to chat about style, how you shouldn't or should at least try not to stick to one style - how its good to reinvent yourself sometimes - well, how like to change my style up, push myself to wear something out of the ordinary and really challenge my usually style.

I feel like I've always liked clothing that are a little bit daring. Yano, those bold patterned blouses or a faux fur coat that screams attention. Often I may feel fab in it when I'm at home, I'll put an outfit together and stand in front of the mirror and think 'yaaaaaas' but then as soon as I hit the street I think 'shit, everyone's look at me' - thinking logically, yes maybe they are, but do I know that person? no. Do they really care you are wearing a yellow coat? no. Paranoia really is a bitch, isn't it. But that's why I love to change up my style, the more you wear a colourful pair of shoes, the more you put on some earrings that really aren't the norm for you, you gain that, even if just a little, of that self-confidence back.
Of course, its not every day I'll dress boldly, often I'll prefer to switch to a simple combo of black jeans and a white top. Its entirely dependant on my mood, but that's what's so great with fashion. There is so much choice, so many different styles, so many patterns, colours and fits - how can we all possible stick to one style? Dressing in something you may not have worn before can be quite empowering, if you're in that mood to turn heads and not give a shit - go for it. There may be some of you out there that does tend to stick to one style and that's fine, you carry on being you! But for me, I love the versatility in fashion, it keeps your wardrobe interesting. Don't be afraid to buy a piece of clothing because its not 'you' or doesn't fit your style - if you love it, buy it and MAKE it work with your style..



  1. Ahh the Valentino's have made a comeback i see ;) I'm still so insanely jealous of those shoes, I can't even!! Great post as per usual lovely xxx

    1. Hahaha yes they did!! Aw thank youuuuuu xxx

  2. Love this post. I sometimes decide to try something different and often get nervous about wearing it on the street. But as a Blogger I find anything goes which has really helped my confidence.

    1. I do get nervous sometimes, wearing certain things but yes the blogging community can be very much boost your confidence! x


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