Friday, 7 July 2017

A Paris Fitting

~ A Paris Fitting ~
Now, I will admit I have being go on a bit of social media that I'm going to Paris soon, every so often I get this pang of excitement at the realisation that I'm be in the capital in a under a month now! YAY. So, in the Paris spirit I thought I would do a little fashion post about the various dresses I've bought recently and very much plan on wearing over the 3/4 days I'm in the capital.. 

Yellow Dress: ASOS | Gingham Dress: ASOS | White Dress: Zara & Shoes: Valentino
Before I start, 2 of the 3 dresses mentioned in this post are now all on sale! I'm not sure what it is, but it must be like a mid-year sale going on at the moment, because the 2 yellow dresses were supposed to be £65 for both but instead I got them for £39 for both.. bargain!
Anyway, shall we talk Paris?! I'm going as an early birthday present from my Mum beginning of August for about 4 days. It was my choice as my mum wanted us both to go on  a trip together before I move to university in September.
As it'll be August when we go, nice dresses will ~ obviously~ have to be worn.. its the fashion capital of the world isn't it?! I had mentioned the two yellow dresses from ASOS in a wish list post a few weeks ago and they had continuously been on my mind. I have to say, they are so so pretty and in the comfiest material. The gingham dress was actually a little bit big when it arrived but as I've clearly been given tip top sewing skills fro my mum, I managed to sew the sides with some clear thread and it fits like a dream now! The block coloured yellow dress with ruffles is so incredibly bright (it was even brighter when it came than on the website!) and I can already tell people will see me coming from a mile away. As it is quite an a line style, it hangs nicely around my hips/thigh area, not making my self conscious for it being too short.
The Zara mid-length white dress I actually picked up when I was in Edinburgh in April. Back then, I actually bought it with the sole intention of it being for this trip (lol, Paris seems to have been a long time in the making!!) but I have worn it a couple of times already. Its a light cotton material with very wide straps and lovely floral mesh-like material over the majority of the dress. I just felt it had that warm-summer-in-a-capital-city vibe about it so will be perfect.
Altogether these 3 dresses will definitely be packed in my suitcase and be worn throughout the (hopefully) sunny days. Of course, I will be wearing my Valentino Rockstud flats too. By now, I have well and truly broken into them, so they don't rub at all (I can't believe I have owned these beauties over a year now!) and as they are a pink pinky nude they go with EVRYTHING!
... and there we go, my Paris Fitting. Make sure to check back in a few weeks for my Paris pictures because I just know I'll be spoilt for choice what to take a photo of, I'm just so unbelievably excited!!!



  1. Love all of these dresses, they suit you so well! But particularly love the first one! You'll look amazing in Paris!


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