Wednesday, 20 June 2018

In A Right Ruffle

// I N  A  R I G H T  R U F F L E \\

More often then not, I'll buy an outfit (or even put an outfit together) and think "yeah it's a bit weird.. but I like it"- It's honestly quite funny just how many times this phrase leaves my mouth.. well the outfit in todays post is no different. A two-piece lilac number fresh from Tu at Sainsburys nonetheless - I know right; how many times have you answered 'Sainsburys' when someone asked where your outfit is from?! With their latest Graduate Fashion Week collection just launched, the minute I saw the advert pop up on Instagram for it, I was instantly besotted with this 60's inspired ruffles... 


Monday, 4 June 2018

The Book List #12 | Three Things About Elsie.

// T H R E E  T H I N G S  A B O U T  E L S I E \\

Ever read a book so powerful you simply cannot hide the tears? Ever read a book with such a twist you gasp so loud, your mum asks if everything is ok (haha)? Ever read a book so good you cannot read it fast enough, the pages are simply not turning quick enough? - I may be sounding a tad dramatic in this introduction right here, but I honestly can't not emphasise how good this book was. With a combination of mystery, happiness, a touch of sadness and just a little of a thriller mixed together, if you're looking for a book that will both make you smile as well as cry with sadness (and no, completely not in the way you'd think) then this book is one hundred percent is one to pick up this summer... 

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Layering Playsuits for Unpredictable UK Weather

//  L A Y E R I N G  F O R  U N P R E D I C T A B L E  W E A T H E R\\
This is a collaborative post but all writing and opinions are my own!

Aaaah the British weather, one minute we're jumping for joy at the sight of the sun, next thing we know we're reluctantly digging out the winter coat to fight the chill. Its an inevitable thing in this country which can make choosing what (and how) to wear clothes just that bit more tricky.
One piece of clothing I just love to wear during the Summer, when the sun is actually shining is a Playsuit. For the days when the beach is calling and bare legs are a necessity, there's nothing better. In today's post I wanted to show a few ways I love to style a playsuit, but for those days when you can't quite be sure it'll be warm enough.. you're legs may be out but how to cover those goose bumps? Well, these are a couple of my suggestions. 

Friday, 18 May 2018

Pink Trousers & Bunny Ears

// P I N K  T R O U S E R S  &  B U N N Y  E A R S \\

Pink Trousers. They're not for everyone, but they're certainly the ones for me. With us being deep into Spring and on the cusp of Summer, it was time I brought a little colour to my wardrobe. I'll admit, I'm never one for an all black and grey colour palette, but with the long dark winter, the pastels and brights have always been on the back burner. It's only really been the last couple of months that my wardrobe has brightened up. Having spotted these bright trousers all along the high street, it was ASOS' overing of high-waisted-cigarette pink trousers that caught my eye. Thinking they'd be a bugger to style, I've actually worn them a good few times in the past few weeks and boy are they getting a lot more wears in the coming months.. 

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Snippets of... Easter at Home

// S N I P P E T S  O F .. E A S T E R  A T  H O M E \\

And so, as I spend my final few days at home of my Easter Break, before returning to university; I thought now would be a good time to write up a little 'snippets' post of all the great thing I've done over the past couple of weeks. It's been a lovely fortnight at home, yes albeit a little boring, but nonetheless absolutely lovely to catch up with my mum, family and handful of friends. It's actually been a fortnight of eating out a lot (and I don't mean the cheap Weatherspoons breakfast I'm so used to at uni!) as well as lovely day trips and well overdue catchups with school friends I haven't seen probably far too long. As I type this, I feel lucky to have all this when I return home, but my god am I looking forward to having the independent uni life back (& seeing my uni friends!) but for the time being, here's a few Easter snippets of my time back home on Anglesey! 

Monday, 2 April 2018

The Book List #11 | MISFIT.

// T H E  B O O K  L I S T  #1 1 |  M I S F I T \\

It seems lately I've become quite the book worm. In a matter of 3 weeks, I've bought, read and completed this book; I honestly don't think I've ever read a book that quickly in my life before! The book I'm on about is Misfit by Charli Howard, a book with that ever eye-catching millennial pink cover and big title, a book, I will admit, I did judge by its cover (anything pink is always a winner for me!) but most importantly, a book that didn't disappoint. The fact I read it so quickly was 100% down to its witty, incredibly honest and sometimes shocking story. A memoir of a girl who really has had it tough.. and I mean tough.

Friday, 30 March 2018

The Clash of the Colours

// T H E  C L A S H  O F  T H E  C O L O U R S \\

Well, Well, Well, its been a little while hasn't it?.. I can only apologies! I think the last time I put together any sort of post on here was about a month ago.. seems like I've been enjoying life too much (& had one hell of a stressful deadline) to content with, which really isn't all that bad. But alas, Easter is here, I'm back home on Anglesey for a few weeks, so whilst life has calmed down, I've had time to blog a bit.. yay!  In today's post I wanted to (finally) put up a fashion post, an outfit inspired by the ever fashionable bloggers of Instagram as well as Spring finally appearing from behind the snow clouds. Which only begs the question; is Spring dressing here to stay?... let's PRAY so!


Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Pops of Pink & Purple

//P O P S  O F  P I N K  &  P U R P L E \\

With studying a fashion course at university, I always feel a little overwhelmed with the fashion industry as a whole. This trickles down to the clothes I decide to wear, what I post on social media and even the types of posts I decide to put on this blog.. I'm forever questioning, is this fashion enough? Well, in keeping with this I thought I'd try and make more of an effort to show my everyday outfits/new purchases... a little like what I used to do on this blog, before uni took over! This includes a lot of pink and a new lilac purchase from a few weeks back, as spring is round the corner now so it's time to dig out the lighter shades!

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Snippets of.. Amsterdam

//S N I P P E T S  O F.. A M S T E R D A M\\
Remember a few posts back I said I wanted 2018 to be a great year, well having a little city break getaway to Amsterdam a few weeks into the new year sure counts towards it so far being great? Well I certainly think so. Last week, during our uni reading week, me and my four friends took ourselves away for a four day break and well a truly had a great time. With all the pretty canals and streets there was plenty to see so I've compiled all my favourite snippets into one post for you all to see (but more so for me to look back on!), enjoy!

Credit to Ruq for the photo above!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Book List #10 | Two in One.

// T H E  B O O K  L I S T  #10\\
I feel like, no matter how many 'to-do lists' or New Years resolutions I make about 'reading more books' I'll never be the sort of person to constantly find themselves deep in a book. I do love to read, but I'm the sort of person that can also go weeks without even touching one.. safe to say its good job this isn't a book review blog (is that what you'd call it?!) ALAS, today I have not one, but two books to tell 'ya about. Because, despite what I've just said, I've completed two of late... ok it might have taken me about 5 months to read the first one (oops) but nevertheless, I finally completed it. So sit back and let me tell you about 'Holding Up The Universe' by Jennifer Nivan and 'An Abundance of Katherines' by John Green (and if you don't fancy reading about these, this is your chance to run haha!) 

Thursday, 15 February 2018

My Treasured Pastel Nail Shades

// M Y  T R E A S U R E D  P A S T E L  N A I L  S H A D E S \\

As it gets closer and closer to Spring, my excitement levels grow more and more, purely because I can start wearing the prettiest shades fo them all. My favourite shades since god knows when.. PASTELS. Pushing aside the dark reds, dark greens... dark everythings of the season previous, pastels in Spring bring new life to any wardrobe, it makes for a fresh start and has that crisp feel. Lately, I've pick out the pastels from my rather extensive nail polish collection and worn them, with a lot of love, on my nails. This has only made me more excited for the season coming up. I wanted to talk through some of my favourite pastel nail varnishes I've worn the past week and generally give a few suggestions for polishes that may not be still on the market, because despite my nail varnish collection being large, some are embarrassingly old by now.. that doesn't mean there aren't exact copies out there, if the world runs out of pastel nail shades, it would be a very sad day!


Sunday, 11 February 2018

Snippets of.. Camden Town

// S N I P P E T S  O F.. C A M D E N  T O W N \\
Here I go again, taking another solo trip to another part of London I've never been to before, when did I become this independent?! Yesterday, I visited North London to Camden, a place I've heard my friends rave about but never had I been. What did I think? Great for photos but ever so slightly intimidating for someone on their own (was it the fact it was busy? because it was a Saturday? Who knows but with company I know I'd love it a lot more!) Although, I got some great snaps during my wander around.. turns out despite the factor it was pouring with rain, the white cloud made for AMAZING lighting! You've just got to love London sometimes, haven't you?!


Thursday, 1 February 2018

Finding Inspiration to Write & Other Things in January..

// J A N U A R Y \\

Its a funny thing, this blogging malarkey. Recently, I have really let it go. Barely even thinking about it. Generally, the thought of having to take photos, whatever related, and write would be the last of my priorities. Uni work and visiting 'Spoons being more up the list (lol) Well the past few days, this motivation to blog has come back and suddenly I want to write about aaaaall the things. So, yano what I'm doing, yeah you go it, writing a blog post! I found the inspiration to write again in January so let me talk you through a few things that have happened in the first month of the year.. I'll give you a hint to one of them, its that thing covering my forehead in the pictures HAHA.. you guessed it yet?

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Making 2018 My Year

// M A K I N G  2 0 1 8  M Y  Y E A R \\

The number 18 has always been my lucky number. Its the date of my birthday in September. The date of my mum's in March and my close cousins in February. Its the number my Nain (grandma) lives at and its even the number of my blog (but that's solely based on lack of inspiration for blog names back in 2014 HAHA).. Weirdly too, 18 is in my new university halls postcode. I've always considered 18 my favourite number. So, when the clock struck midnight and 2018 was upon me, I suddenly thought 2018 has to be a luckly year.. has to be. I mean I started the year with a bad Fever followed by Tonsillitis which is quite ironic because that's incredibly unlucky. BUT, now I'm back to full health (& back in routine at uni) I'm setting myself some incredibly vague goals.. but realistic. Small ways I actually want this year to go (& hopefully will) Besides, what better time then '18, huh? 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Sentimental Value

 // S E N T I M E N T A L  V A L U E \ \

In a world of endless clothes buying, fast fashion and reckless spending (or is that just me?) how many pieces in your wardrobe would you say you cherish? Do you have anything inparticular you know you'll never part with, pass on to your (hopefully) daughter (or even granddaughter?) I have to say, if I were lucky enough to have endless designer items of value, then yes perhaps. I mean I have the odd accessories piece I paid an arm and leg for which will never leave me EVER. But, up until this Christmas, I'd never really had a item of clothing that had any meaning, any value. So, I went about changing that..

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