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Fashion Interning: How It's Going & What I've Learnt

// F A S H I O N  I N T E R N I N G \\ 
How it's going & what I've learnt.  

Today marks the end of exactly seven weeks since I first began my Social Media and Commerce internship in the heart of London, for a very swanky couture fashion brand. It's been eye opening, it's been BUSY, it's been the biggest whirlwind of my life but boy has it been a good'un so far. As I study fashion marketing, this forms part of our 3rd module of second year, with this being a compulsory 11 weeks internship (we had to find ourselves) although me being me and not being able to say no to anything I've extended mine throughout summer.

(Collage Image taken from an article in Oh Comely magazine)

Little Ways I Stay Sustainable (& Try To Stick To!)

// L I T T L E  W A Y S  I  S T A Y  S U S T A I N A B L E \\
(& I  T R Y  T O  S T I C K  T O!)

I feel, the word Sustainability is quite the buzz word, dotted all around Social Media, endlessly showing the effects our daily habits are having on the environment. I feel it would be extremely damaging (no pun intended!) to call sustainability a trend, but in essence, the past few years, brands and individuals are using this new wave of helping the plant and using it as a clever marketing tool; probably the best marketing tool out there, would you not agree? Of course, no single person can be completely sustainable, because it's a how-long-is-a-piece-of-string type scenario if you ask how sustainable are you? But, with the growing 'trend' as it were, the more information we are getting as to how you can help change daily habits to really make an impact. Therefore, I felt I wanted to share what I do day-to-day. They may be small things, but they may make a big impact.. ever heard the quote 'I'm only throwing away 1 straw.. said 8 million people' ?!

The Book List #15 | What Would the Spice Girls Do?

// T H E  B O O K L I S T #15 \\
// W H A T  W O U L D  T H E  S P I C E  G I R L S  D O? \\

Now being born in 1996, you may be thinking 'surely this girl is way too young to remember the Spice Girls' and that may friend is completely correct.  Besides, I was barely a thought to my mum when they were formed, they were shouting GIRL POWER when all I was doing was crying in a cot demanding more milk; my anthem at that time was the sweet tune of the Teletubbies, much less zig-ah-zig-ah. But, as with every phenomenon of the day, if something is biggest enough in pop culture chances are it'll filter down to the next generation; and this is were my love for the Spice Girls stems.  If you loved the girls in the 90's, or like me you're a late adopter, it's an extremely fun yet powerful book, charting how they changed outlooks for women to girl gangs, raised confidence and changed fashion... this book I can say now, is 100% a must read (and most definitely makes you want to race to Spotify at the first chance and scream wannabe.. )


// M A R S E I L L E  1 9 9 0 \\

By now we all know how these New Years resolutions work; first few months of the year we're all keen to stick to them, doing all we can to carry on this new found motivation of a clean slate, then come mid-March you've started to forget what they even were in the first place. Well, as you can tell, I feebly wrote down 'do more fashion blogging' down as a resolution, which I'll ~try~ and stick to but we all know how it'll inevitably pan out! So, whilst this new year fresh motivation is upon me, I thought I'd get a little arty on illustrator and create a post about an outfit (more specifically a jumper) I've worn a lot lately. It's surprising what a little procrastination can do away from doing uni work!

Blog Eighteen in Twenty Eighteen

// B L O G  E I G H T E E N  I N  T W E N T Y  E I G H T E E N \\

As I write this I cannot help but be both a little sad and incredibly happy at the same time. I'm a little sad as 2018 was genuinely the best year of my life; no exaggeration therefore kissing goodbye to the year makes me want to sigh a little! I've packed in so much this year and have the best memories from it. With me starting it in my second term of first year university, I'm ending it in second year with a wealth of memories from holidays, trips, festivals with the best bunch of friends I can ask for. Yes, I do excuse you to go grab a sick bucket at how corny that does sound, but with 18 being my lucky number, the year 2018 did not let me down, it will forever be the year I look back on a think I legitimately lived my absolute best life; no pressure 2019!