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Fashion Interning: 6 Months Done & That's a Wrap!

// F A S H I O N  I N T E R N I N G: 

6 months. 6 whole months of Interning and I'm done.. am I relived? too bloody right I am. In what has been the hardest, longest but most rewarding half a year of my life, I can happily say I have completed a 6 months internship, starting off as simply in Social Media and turned into a Studio Manager role for the majority; definitely something to place proudly at the top of my CV!  From the commuting to-and-from North East London, the late nights, (very) early mornings and the learning the most I have in my life so far, it really has been a rollercoaster. Yes, that may sound dramatic but interning is definitely difficult, but now I'm done I serious don't regret any of it... but now seriously pass me a very large (bottle of) rosé.

An Enquiring Mind: Manolo Blahnik at The Wallace Collection

// A N  E N Q U I R I N G  M I N D: M A N O L O  B L A H N I K  
A T  T H E  W A L L A C E  C O L L E C T I O N \\

Let's take things down a more civilised alley now shall we and talk about an exhibition I visited over the weekend (and basically have not stopped talking about since). The Manolo Blahnik exhibition at Marlybone's The Wallace Collection has been on my list for what feels like an eternity now and it really did not disappoint. Spanning across 15 rooms, the exhibition guides us through different rooms, which pairs Sir Richard Wallaces collection of 18th century art pieces which were influences for Blahniks shoe designs. The exhibition features hundreds of pairs of shoes in a setting that honestly blew my mind. Not being a girl that particularly is a regular to museums, I could not recommend a visit here enough (and it was free.. what more do you need?!)

The Book List #16 | Too Fat Too Slutty Too Loud: The Rise and Reign of the Unruly Woman

// T H E  B O O K  L I S T #16 \\
 Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud: The Rise and Reign of the Unruly Woman.

Hello there, back again with another book review. This time a feminist book, which charts all the women in popular culture who have pushed boundaries through being 'too something', whether that be Kim Kardashian who endured constant scrutiny for being 'Too Pregnant' or Serena Williams who through being above and beyond in her field, being 'Too Strong'. Through exploring the media's view on these women, to how being too unruly in their actions have changed societies views on different issues. It was an extremely interesting read, with each chapter offering a different 'Too'; all women who, without realising have pushed boundaries but suffered constant scrutiny beyond thinking, definitely worth picking up for an insight into have far societies issues have come for women, most definitely making you proud to be one!

Straws, Skincare & a Lunchbox | Little Ways I Stay Sustainable #2

// L I T T L E  W A Y S  I  S T A Y  S U S T A I N A B L E #2 \\
Straws, Skincare & a Lunchbox

Following on from this post, I posted a couple of months back, I've continued my journey in trying to live more sustainably, educating myself further on little ways I can change my daily habits and ever evolving my lifestyle choices. Having previously wrote about how I have made a drastic decline in the amount of clothes I buy, with various ways I now donate/recycle them when they've sadly lost love in my wardrobe, I've also touched previously on reusable coffee cups as well as small changes in my diet, so today I wanted to do a part two. As with everyone being fed ever more information on things they can do to help, I feel I've picked up so much more information and useful websites recently to help to teach me what can be done, as well as invested in items that will definitely make a small difference; even just in my daily life.

Three Things from the Week: Books, Blogs & The Colour Mint

// T H R E E  T H I N G S  F R O M  T H E  W E E K 24.05 \\
Books, Blogs & The Colour Mint

It’s been a long ol’ time since I sat down and wrote down a few words on this blog of mine, as with everyone from time to time, life can pass by in a blur of living, working (and often in my case rosé drinking.. I mean what are your twenties for, eh?!) But, that’s the great thing I’ve found lately, I’ve started to really not care if my life isn’t documented online. This blog will always been something that I have in my life, but if I choose to not update it for a couple weeks/months/ whatever, that’s absolutely fine. So here I am, back once more with a tale of things from my week that have got me through. A book from a friend that has me absolutely gripped (and belly laughing in that case), a colour that has well and truly taken over my wardrobe as well as a blog that I’ve found myself reading (scouring) and feeling more inspired than ever. See life’s a funny thing, one minute you’re in a blur of the London-working (interning) life, busily rushing onto a packed Northern Line. The next you’re sat down, coffee in hand, mellowly reflecting on your week; so let’s reflected a bit shall we?