Beauty Picks

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine

Here are some of my Beauty Picks recently, both for my nails and lips..

Yves Saint Laurent ~ Rouge Volupte Shine
Ive been loving this lipstick due to its extremely moisturising texture, its like an all in one lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm! It applies and feels like a Lipstick, has a high shine, wet look making it appear like a Lipgloss and with texture you can immediately tell it will take good care of your lips!
Topshop Lipstick ~ All About Me
 Definitely my everyday lipstick (May be a bit bright for everyday but oh well!) It stays on for absolutely hours and perfectly masks dry lips.
Essie ~ Munchi Munchi
Perfect for adding a pop of pastel loveliness to your outfit (Is loveliness a word?!) Actually stays put for quite a while which is rare because almost every nail varnish I wear chips after about 2 hours!
Topshop Matte Nails ~ Hanky Panky
I found having matte nails SO strange first time I wore it. But I have slowly adjusted to matte nail varnish and find this colour so pretty and eye catching. Although, not as good as Essie when it comes to longevity, I still went about a day and a half without any major chips.
Essie ~ Mojito Madness
If I'm honest, this nail varnish is a time bit like Marmite. Personally I love it on my nails, but I can understand if people would rather avoid having green nails! Again, it lasts a long time on my nails and stands out.


  1. Love the colour matching you've done makes for some good pictures. Good selection of products beautifully displayed x