Summery June Favourites


These photos make me very happy, not in a sense that I love the arrangement or the background because I KNOW that my photograph skills are amateur to say the least! No, I like these photos because they remind me that everything is summery and flowers are blossoming (and if I'm honest everyone's moods are improving!) So here are my summery favourites from the past month:
1. Revlon Nail Varnish // Revlon Red
I consider myself a hard core lover of the colour pink, but you know everyone likes a change ones in a while. I've been wearing this a lot recently and find it to be a very good formulated nail varnish (good formulated.. that makes sense right?!) I would suggest DEFINITELY wearing a clear base coat before applying as it did stain the first time without one. But, one coat is all you need and you get nice, bold, shining red nails!
2. VO5 Shampoo & Conditioner // Give Me Moisture
As the sun is shining and everything is happy, my hair has decided to not play ball and dry up at the ends. Therefore I tried these products as they've been advertised like crazy on the TV here in the UK and if the lady with the guitar thought it worked on the advert then I thought I'd give it a go. Surprisingly, they have given my hair a lot more moisture and I've found my hair is a lot less dry then it has been. It obviously hasn't worked miraculously and given me baby soft hair, but I can definitely see and feel a different.
3. L'oreal // Studio Line #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray
I think everyone goes through the faze of wanting big, voluminous hair.. well that's currently me at the moment! This spray, I feel definitely does what it says on the tin, It isn't sticky in the slightest and has none of the crispy, horrible feeling that some spray like these has. You simply spray into the root and either backcomb or scrunch with your hands. It's definitely worth a try if you're going for the Bridget Bardot look!
4. Lush // Cosmetic Warrior & Superdrug // Tea Tree Action Spot Stick
I've previously mentioned the Cosmetic Warrior face mask in my Current Favourites a few months back. But I honestly swear by this stuff, my skin is extremely spot prone, meaning I needed a product which would soothe my skin. This stuff is probably one of the only products that has actually calmed my skin down (my chin and forehead to be more specific) If anyone is suffering from acne, DEFINITELY give this a try! It works wonders for me. The Tea Tree spot stick is a bit of on add on to my skin care routine. After a shower I tend to apply it as it cools a few odd big spot I get on my cheeks. Altogether though, I've found a massive difference using both products!

I've got a pocket, a pocket full of sunshine


It's amazing isn't, the moment the sun makes a slight peek from behind the clouds, everyones moods are lightened and everything is good again! I'm certainly feeling this and have proudly dusted off the over sized sunglasses and doing my best Victoria Beckham impression (In my head I look like this!)
This weekend I had a lot of exiting things planned, well I had two house parties! In my world, and Ive probably mentioned this before, I take any opportunity to dress up nicely. Even if it means wearing a new pair of plain black shorts, if I feel as if I've put effort into my outfit, then if feel good.
Being the amazing photographer that I am (HA!) I thought I'd picture both outfits I wore this weekend - All influenced by that little fireball in the sky!
(HA look at me attempting to do some kind of pose!!)

Polly Parrot

If there's one thing I can say about my fashion sense, is that it can vary; on a MAJOR scale. The majority of the time, I'll choose to blend in, opting for a simple white top and jeans. Though on other occasions, I'll chose something that can definitely be considered different. I like items which stand out, and can be considered 'quirky' (even if I absolutely can't stand that word!) This item here, a cotton, parrot patterned scarf says quite a lot about how I like to dress; bright and a quite different!
I found this beauty after a chance visit to John Lewis. I had originally wanted to visit the Ted Baker section to lust after every item on their shelf. Though, in the next section were the scarfs. With its bright pattern, this specific scarf obviously caught my eye and I literally couldn't leave it! The scarf is by a brand called 'Becksondergaard' which I had personally never heard of, but will definitely be looking into if the rest of their scarfs are as beautiful as this one!

Lovely Imperfect

 (Top - Zara, Skirt - Zara, Cardigan - Marks and Spencer)
Zara, you gorgeous gorgeous brand! I have to admit, Zara is definitely were 50% of my wardrobe is from. I know it can be a little pricey, and believe me I don't have the bank balance of Katy Perry. But, their clothes are just amazing to me! A couple of weeks ago, I walked in and found this skirt, and for me being a lover of all things pink, couldn't put this down. I love wearing skirts, I don't often because when I wear a skirt it has to be a special occasion i.e going shopping. Unfortunately, my life isn't that Rock'n'Roll, meaning special occasions or big trips out aren't regular. Yesterday, I took a trip to Liverpool and in my world this is classed as a special occasion! So out rolled the skirt, I wore it with a Zara top I bought about a year ago, I usually wear it as a Gym top because its nice and loose, but it worked perfectly with the skirt... This just goes to show how versatile Zara tops are!

The Liebster Award

 If I'm honest, I'd never even heard of this before! But, thanks to lilliputianrose, I've been nominated to answer some questions about myself!

1) What are your 10 most listened to songs on iTunes?

-Ed Sheeran; Sing
-Paolo Nutini; Scream (Funk My Life Up)
-Justin Timberlake; Not a Bad Thing x8!
2) Who are your favourite 5 bloggers?
What Olivia Did by Olivia Purvis
WishWishWish  by Carrie Harwood
Zoella by Zoe Sugg
Hannah Maggs by Hannah Michalak
(Sorry, that's only four but I can't think of another off the top of my head!)
3) What's your favourite blog post you've written so far?

Probably, my Beauty Picks post because I actually liked the photos I took for it, because I'm such a perfectionist, that photos are never good enough if I've taken them in my opinion. Therefore the photos for this blog post were actually almost good enough!
4) What's your dream job?
Absolutely NO IDEA! I get asked on a daily basis 'So what are going to do when you leave school?' and literally have no idea what I want to do. As for a dream job... Zac Efrons Wife?! Is that a good enough answer?!!
5) What's your next blog post going to be?
Probably, me rambling on about what I've worn or a beauty product I like...I'm so cliché
6) You are stranded on a desert island; name 5 people you'd want to be struck with...
Can I name 6 and name the whole cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S?!
7) You're granted three wishes but whatever you wish for will disappear or change back in a weeks time, what do you wish for?
First Wish: Go back to being 7 years old again in primary school... I miss having no worries or stresses!
Second Wish: Be a famous Supermodel for Victoria's Secret... Completely ridiculous, but want girl wouldn't want to see what It'd be like to Adriana Lima for the week!!
Third Wish: Probably, to have my Grandad back... But I won't go into that..
8) Favourite item in your makeup routine?
My Bobbi Brown Creamy Corrector... that stuff works miracles under my eyes!
9) What are you excited for summer wise?
Sunshine and Daily Beach Visits, If the British Weather gets its act together that is !
10) Why did you create a blog?
I'm not quite sure, Its just a bit of fun and has given me something to do whilst on study leave! Plus I find it quite exiting, taking pictures and wittering on about my favourite make up and clothing items!

11. Who will you nominate?  
Anyone who would like to, use these same questions and have fun with it!
1.What are your 10 most listened to songs on iTunes?
2.Who are your favourite 5 bloggers?
3.What's your favourite blog post you've written so far?
4.What's your dream job?
5.What's your next blog post going to be? 
6.You are stranded on a desert island; name 5 people you'd want to be stuck with...
7.You're granted three wishes but whatever you wish for will disappear or change back in a weeks time, what do you wish for?
8.Favourite item in your makeup routine?
9. What are you excited for summer wise?
10. Why did you create a blog?
11. Who will you nominate?

Everyday Make up Products ~ Part 2

Finishing up:
- Urban Decay ~ Naked Palette
After applying foundation and other products to my skin, I follow with eyeshadow. First, I apply the Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion (unfortunately, I ran out of it a few days ago, therefore couldn't take a picture!) Following this, I apply the eyeshadow, usually lighter shades as I feel uncomfortable wearing dark shades - they make my eyes too round!! I personally love this eyeshadow palette, specifically Virgin, Sin & Sidecar. Although there aren't many matte shades in this palette, each colour definitely compliments each other, therefore I can create so many different looks everyday. I've had this palette for nearly a year and still am not sick of it, that has to tell you something of its quality.
- L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Luminizer ~ Blue Eyes
This is by far my favourite mascara, it genuinely makes your eyes pop and extends your eyelashes SO much! As I have blue eyes, I obviously chose the 'Blue Eyes' shade. It's quite strange as it has a slight tint of blue, and even more strangely it does actually compliment the colour of your eyes. I have other mascaras dotted round my bedroom, though I always come back to this one as its cheap and actually works amazingly!
- Bourjois Blush ~ 74 Rose Ambré & Real Techniques ~ Blush Brush
If I'm honest, I've only just started wearing blusher. As spring is approaching, I felt I needed more colour in my face, since I'm EXTREMELY pale at the moment. Meaning I wanted a little colour in my face to look like I have at least tried to go out in the sun. I apply a tiny amount of the blush with the Blush Brush, dabbing the blush onto the end of the brush and swiping across my cheeks (if I'm honest, I had to Youtube how to put blusher on because I'm so bad at make up!) This brush is the perfect shape for applying blusher as the tip fits perfectly to the apples of the cheeks.
- MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil ~ Shock Value & Topshop Lipstick ~ All about me
To Finish off my everyday make up, I apply both these products to my lips. Lipstick is a big love of mine and when I say love, I mean I would rather go out bare faced then have to face the horror of not wearing lipstick (First World Problems!) Topshop Lipsticks are my absolute favourite, with this shade being my number one. I only apply lip pencil as it gives my lips a more defined shape, comparing to just applying lipstick straight away. I've never fallen for the hype surrounding MAC products, with this pencil being my only MAC make up item. But, the lip pencil is definitely high quality and stays on for a very long time.

I feel like I've listed an extremely long list of products just for everyday! But, again I only applying small amounts of each item and take no longer then 15 minutes to complete my everyday look. Some products my be a little expensive i.e my Dior Foundation, but as I use very little each time I apply them, I make up for the fact they burn a slight hole in my pocket in terms of price! Oh well you have to treat yourself sometimes, don't you?!

Everyday Make up Products ~ Part 1

My Base:
One of the best primers, I apply it to the T-zone, nose and cheeks.
This stuff works wonders for my under-eye dark circles! I was unfortunately blessed with bags that, no matter how many hours sleep I get, still manage to glow a deep shade of gray. NOT FUN. I usually apply this first with my index finger.
After the corrector, I apply the concealer with the shading brush. If I'm honest, I haven't seen amazing results from this concealer, though it does the job and is an extra layer in covering my dark circles. I don't tend to use concealer in any other place asides from under-eyes as I feel putting concealer on my spots will NOT help them disappear any quick. I tend to use the shading brush to apply the concealer, then buff in with the Expert Face Brush...
I buff my Concealer in with this brush to give it an even finish, going back to my foundation and applying it, again with this brush. Its an amazing brush for foundation/concealer, its the perfect size and shape to give an even finish.
With the Expert Face Brush, I then apply this to my cheeks and under my eyes, then buffing a little onto my forehead. I avoid my chin with any kind of make up product as it is extremely spot prone, therefore I REALLY don't want to worsen it with foundation. This foundation though, is one of the best I've tried as it matches my skin perfectly, I never have to worry about buffing it down my neck as it blends into my skin so well.
Ok ok, I'm not using the brush for what its supposed to be for, but I find this brush is angled perfectly to fit under my eyes. This power is one of my favourites because, similar to the foundation, it is the perfect shade for my face and makes my make up last.

Phew, That's alot of writing! And that's just for my skin, but in all honesty, applying all this takes me no longer then 10 minutes as I use very little of each product. As mentioned, I have extremely spot prone skin, therefore I don't want to cake my skin in products, as it will obviously make my spots ten times worse each time I apply them. With my eyes, I hadn't realised how many layers of product I apply! But the dark circles are a massive pain.

I have just realised the length of this post! Therefore I will continue with the second half of make up bag products, with mascara etc, tomorrow.