Everyday Make up Products ~ Part 1

My Base:
One of the best primers, I apply it to the T-zone, nose and cheeks.
This stuff works wonders for my under-eye dark circles! I was unfortunately blessed with bags that, no matter how many hours sleep I get, still manage to glow a deep shade of gray. NOT FUN. I usually apply this first with my index finger.
After the corrector, I apply the concealer with the shading brush. If I'm honest, I haven't seen amazing results from this concealer, though it does the job and is an extra layer in covering my dark circles. I don't tend to use concealer in any other place asides from under-eyes as I feel putting concealer on my spots will NOT help them disappear any quick. I tend to use the shading brush to apply the concealer, then buff in with the Expert Face Brush...
I buff my Concealer in with this brush to give it an even finish, going back to my foundation and applying it, again with this brush. Its an amazing brush for foundation/concealer, its the perfect size and shape to give an even finish.
With the Expert Face Brush, I then apply this to my cheeks and under my eyes, then buffing a little onto my forehead. I avoid my chin with any kind of make up product as it is extremely spot prone, therefore I REALLY don't want to worsen it with foundation. This foundation though, is one of the best I've tried as it matches my skin perfectly, I never have to worry about buffing it down my neck as it blends into my skin so well.
Ok ok, I'm not using the brush for what its supposed to be for, but I find this brush is angled perfectly to fit under my eyes. This power is one of my favourites because, similar to the foundation, it is the perfect shade for my face and makes my make up last.

Phew, That's alot of writing! And that's just for my skin, but in all honesty, applying all this takes me no longer then 10 minutes as I use very little of each product. As mentioned, I have extremely spot prone skin, therefore I don't want to cake my skin in products, as it will obviously make my spots ten times worse each time I apply them. With my eyes, I hadn't realised how many layers of product I apply! But the dark circles are a massive pain.

I have just realised the length of this post! Therefore I will continue with the second half of make up bag products, with mascara etc, tomorrow.

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