Everyday Make up Products ~ Part 2

Finishing up:
- Urban Decay ~ Naked Palette
After applying foundation and other products to my skin, I follow with eyeshadow. First, I apply the Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion (unfortunately, I ran out of it a few days ago, therefore couldn't take a picture!) Following this, I apply the eyeshadow, usually lighter shades as I feel uncomfortable wearing dark shades - they make my eyes too round!! I personally love this eyeshadow palette, specifically Virgin, Sin & Sidecar. Although there aren't many matte shades in this palette, each colour definitely compliments each other, therefore I can create so many different looks everyday. I've had this palette for nearly a year and still am not sick of it, that has to tell you something of its quality.
- L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Luminizer ~ Blue Eyes
This is by far my favourite mascara, it genuinely makes your eyes pop and extends your eyelashes SO much! As I have blue eyes, I obviously chose the 'Blue Eyes' shade. It's quite strange as it has a slight tint of blue, and even more strangely it does actually compliment the colour of your eyes. I have other mascaras dotted round my bedroom, though I always come back to this one as its cheap and actually works amazingly!
- Bourjois Blush ~ 74 Rose Ambré & Real Techniques ~ Blush Brush
If I'm honest, I've only just started wearing blusher. As spring is approaching, I felt I needed more colour in my face, since I'm EXTREMELY pale at the moment. Meaning I wanted a little colour in my face to look like I have at least tried to go out in the sun. I apply a tiny amount of the blush with the Blush Brush, dabbing the blush onto the end of the brush and swiping across my cheeks (if I'm honest, I had to Youtube how to put blusher on because I'm so bad at make up!) This brush is the perfect shape for applying blusher as the tip fits perfectly to the apples of the cheeks.
- MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil ~ Shock Value & Topshop Lipstick ~ All about me
To Finish off my everyday make up, I apply both these products to my lips. Lipstick is a big love of mine and when I say love, I mean I would rather go out bare faced then have to face the horror of not wearing lipstick (First World Problems!) Topshop Lipsticks are my absolute favourite, with this shade being my number one. I only apply lip pencil as it gives my lips a more defined shape, comparing to just applying lipstick straight away. I've never fallen for the hype surrounding MAC products, with this pencil being my only MAC make up item. But, the lip pencil is definitely high quality and stays on for a very long time.

I feel like I've listed an extremely long list of products just for everyday! But, again I only applying small amounts of each item and take no longer then 15 minutes to complete my everyday look. Some products my be a little expensive i.e my Dior Foundation, but as I use very little each time I apply them, I make up for the fact they burn a slight hole in my pocket in terms of price! Oh well you have to treat yourself sometimes, don't you?!

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