I've got a pocket, a pocket full of sunshine


It's amazing isn't, the moment the sun makes a slight peek from behind the clouds, everyones moods are lightened and everything is good again! I'm certainly feeling this and have proudly dusted off the over sized sunglasses and doing my best Victoria Beckham impression (In my head I look like this!)
This weekend I had a lot of exiting things planned, well I had two house parties! In my world, and Ive probably mentioned this before, I take any opportunity to dress up nicely. Even if it means wearing a new pair of plain black shorts, if I feel as if I've put effort into my outfit, then if feel good.
Being the amazing photographer that I am (HA!) I thought I'd picture both outfits I wore this weekend - All influenced by that little fireball in the sky!
(HA look at me attempting to do some kind of pose!!)

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