Polly Parrot

If there's one thing I can say about my fashion sense, is that it can vary; on a MAJOR scale. The majority of the time, I'll choose to blend in, opting for a simple white top and jeans. Though on other occasions, I'll chose something that can definitely be considered different. I like items which stand out, and can be considered 'quirky' (even if I absolutely can't stand that word!) This item here, a cotton, parrot patterned scarf says quite a lot about how I like to dress; bright and a quite different!
I found this beauty after a chance visit to John Lewis. I had originally wanted to visit the Ted Baker section to lust after every item on their shelf. Though, in the next section were the scarfs. With its bright pattern, this specific scarf obviously caught my eye and I literally couldn't leave it! The scarf is by a brand called 'Becksondergaard' which I had personally never heard of, but will definitely be looking into if the rest of their scarfs are as beautiful as this one!

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