Summery June Favourites


These photos make me very happy, not in a sense that I love the arrangement or the background because I KNOW that my photograph skills are amateur to say the least! No, I like these photos because they remind me that everything is summery and flowers are blossoming (and if I'm honest everyone's moods are improving!) So here are my summery favourites from the past month:
1. Revlon Nail Varnish // Revlon Red
I consider myself a hard core lover of the colour pink, but you know everyone likes a change ones in a while. I've been wearing this a lot recently and find it to be a very good formulated nail varnish (good formulated.. that makes sense right?!) I would suggest DEFINITELY wearing a clear base coat before applying as it did stain the first time without one. But, one coat is all you need and you get nice, bold, shining red nails!
2. VO5 Shampoo & Conditioner // Give Me Moisture
As the sun is shining and everything is happy, my hair has decided to not play ball and dry up at the ends. Therefore I tried these products as they've been advertised like crazy on the TV here in the UK and if the lady with the guitar thought it worked on the advert then I thought I'd give it a go. Surprisingly, they have given my hair a lot more moisture and I've found my hair is a lot less dry then it has been. It obviously hasn't worked miraculously and given me baby soft hair, but I can definitely see and feel a different.
3. L'oreal // Studio Line #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray
I think everyone goes through the faze of wanting big, voluminous hair.. well that's currently me at the moment! This spray, I feel definitely does what it says on the tin, It isn't sticky in the slightest and has none of the crispy, horrible feeling that some spray like these has. You simply spray into the root and either backcomb or scrunch with your hands. It's definitely worth a try if you're going for the Bridget Bardot look!
4. Lush // Cosmetic Warrior & Superdrug // Tea Tree Action Spot Stick
I've previously mentioned the Cosmetic Warrior face mask in my Current Favourites a few months back. But I honestly swear by this stuff, my skin is extremely spot prone, meaning I needed a product which would soothe my skin. This stuff is probably one of the only products that has actually calmed my skin down (my chin and forehead to be more specific) If anyone is suffering from acne, DEFINITELY give this a try! It works wonders for me. The Tea Tree spot stick is a bit of on add on to my skin care routine. After a shower I tend to apply it as it cools a few odd big spot I get on my cheeks. Altogether though, I've found a massive difference using both products!

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