Monday Stroll


Just a quick post today. Me and my friend took a lovely stroll around a local town, basking in the heat (or melting rather).. Having some amazing ice cream; Haribo and Bubble Gum *belly rumbles*
We made quite an impulse decision to drive to this town as its about 20 minutes from my house (Caernarfon for anyone who lives in North Wales haha) Its a lovely places to visit and has a MASSIVE castle... yes I know, surprise surprise there's yet another castle in a Welsh town! But we had a lovely day and I drove us home safely at the end
 (high five for road safety)  

Open your eye because another day's dawning.


After taking these pictures ,all I can think about is the song 'Blue Mooooooon' (I may or may not be a fan of the football team associated with this song ;-]..)
I feel a little less optimistic about this week, work experience week is upon me and judging by how 'fun' it was today, I doubt it'll liven up anytime soon *Sigh*. Oh well! It's officially summer and I've rolled out another pastel skirt and worn it without tights (be proud people) I never really wear black, so having a tiny bit of it on my blouse is shock horror for Lisa, but all together I'm pleased with my outfit today. I'll admit though, the blouse is my mums (hash tag trendy mum alert) To be honest I 'borrow' a lot of my mums clothes - its SO handy having a mum who primarily shops in River Island and Topshop!
Yay for Summer and My Mums taste in fashion!

Ocean Blue Sunshine

Cyprus, you beautiful little corner of the world... Today I am currently sprawled out on the sofa, in my leggings with peeling skin, which is a MASSIVE comparison to what I've been doing for the last week. Mostly laying in the sun, drinking cocktails and doing the minimum amount of moving off my sun lounger *cries because I'm not there now* Well, I say laying in the sun, I actually mean, laying in the sun for the first two days, burning every part of my body and then laying in the shade for the remainder of the holiday (hash tag typical white girl haha)
Whilst there I experienced Ayia Napa which is CRAZY!! *cries again because I'm not there now* The chant AYIA, AYIA, AYIA AYIA NAPA will always make me laugh. The original chant has a rather explicit word in the middle, so I'll let you use your imagination to work out what that is.. The Ayia Napa strip though is the craziest place I've ever seen and I absolutely loved it, even if it isn't the classiest place in the world!
Cyprus. I Love You.


Polka Dot Pink

(Kimono: River Island, Shirt: River Island, Jeans: Topshop)
Another day, another pink outfit I've whipped out of my wardrobe! I kept it simple as I was just popping out for some dinner with family. I teamed this with some simple black heeled boots as the heavens decided to open, meaning I didn't fancy wet feet! This kimono is literally the best addition I've made to my wardrobe, it's just so versatile to my style and since I've been packing for a certain trip to the sun next week..(see reference ) I've found this to be a great light jacket to throw over my bikini. Gotta love multi-functional clothing items!