Monday Stroll


Just a quick post today. Me and my friend took a lovely stroll around a local town, basking in the heat (or melting rather).. Having some amazing ice cream; Haribo and Bubble Gum *belly rumbles*
We made quite an impulse decision to drive to this town as its about 20 minutes from my house (Caernarfon for anyone who lives in North Wales haha) Its a lovely places to visit and has a MASSIVE castle... yes I know, surprise surprise there's yet another castle in a Welsh town! But we had a lovely day and I drove us home safely at the end
 (high five for road safety)  


  1. This looks so beautiful, would love to come to wales! One day, one day.. it's on the bucket list anyway ;)


  2. Its a lovely country to live in, but the weather is AWFUL most of the time!! That's the only down side haha x

  3. Wales looks amazing! thinking of heading down to Hollyhead before the end of Summer! Great post and your photography is top knotch! You go Lisa :D keep up the great work

    1. Aw your comment has genuinely brought a smile to my face :)! Thank you so much x