Ocean Blue Sunshine

Cyprus, you beautiful little corner of the world... Today I am currently sprawled out on the sofa, in my leggings with peeling skin, which is a MASSIVE comparison to what I've been doing for the last week. Mostly laying in the sun, drinking cocktails and doing the minimum amount of moving off my sun lounger *cries because I'm not there now* Well, I say laying in the sun, I actually mean, laying in the sun for the first two days, burning every part of my body and then laying in the shade for the remainder of the holiday (hash tag typical white girl haha)
Whilst there I experienced Ayia Napa which is CRAZY!! *cries again because I'm not there now* The chant AYIA, AYIA, AYIA AYIA NAPA will always make me laugh. The original chant has a rather explicit word in the middle, so I'll let you use your imagination to work out what that is.. The Ayia Napa strip though is the craziest place I've ever seen and I absolutely loved it, even if it isn't the classiest place in the world!
Cyprus. I Love You.


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