Open your eye because another day's dawning.


After taking these pictures ,all I can think about is the song 'Blue Mooooooon' (I may or may not be a fan of the football team associated with this song ;-]..)
I feel a little less optimistic about this week, work experience week is upon me and judging by how 'fun' it was today, I doubt it'll liven up anytime soon *Sigh*. Oh well! It's officially summer and I've rolled out another pastel skirt and worn it without tights (be proud people) I never really wear black, so having a tiny bit of it on my blouse is shock horror for Lisa, but all together I'm pleased with my outfit today. I'll admit though, the blouse is my mums (hash tag trendy mum alert) To be honest I 'borrow' a lot of my mums clothes - its SO handy having a mum who primarily shops in River Island and Topshop!
Yay for Summer and My Mums taste in fashion!


  1. The shirt is gorgeous!! So pretty :) I follow you on bloglovin, looking forward to your next post :)

    1. Aw thank you! I've followed you back on Bloglovin' and i'll take a look at your blog now xx

  2. Been having a little look through your blog and im in love with you fashion sense!