Back to Reality

It's officially 'Back to life, back to reality' as the song goes, for me this week. My wonderful summer holidays have drawn to an end.. and so have my long lie-ins. I've had a nice few weeks off, ok I haven't done a lot, but that's the whole point of the holidays! My Holiday in Cyprus and V Festival are by far my highlights obviously, but I've also loooooved the sitting at home watching telly in my pj's all day (no shame in admitting that!)
It's my final year of A Levels as I've probably mentioned before and so the year long struggle of deadlines and weekends taken up by art homework begins.. *sigh* I absolutely love Art, but the pile of work you're given is absolutely ridiculous, its actually been nice having a breather away from it this holidays.
Oh the joys of Sixth Form!


Artlovin' | Niki Pilkington

It's not often I stumble across a random artist and fall in love with everything they've ever illustrated, but my god aren't Niki Pilkingtons illustration beautiful! Being a girl who's in the middle of A Level Art, its a common thing for me to be finding and including different artists in my work. I found out of Pilkington after a chance visit to a gallery, as she was giving a talk about her work. I have to say I'm in ore of her talent and ability to draw such detailed features.. HOW OH HOW?!
Pilkington is a Welsh artist, who is known to only use tools 'that could be found in a children's pencil case' She's worked for many brands, ahem Kurt Geiger to name a few! A popular feature within her work is the adding of popular Welsh saying, such as 'Teg yw edrych tuag adref' which roughly translates to 'Fair is looking towards home' Being Welsh myself, I love this feature even more as it adds a more personal touch and in a way, keeps her true to herself. 
Currently, she spends her time between Wales and New York.
Niki - you are one talented lady!
This post is simply expressing my love for Niki Pilkingtons skills as an Artist... Oh to be able to draw like this!

Red, Red Wine.

(Yes, that is the same berry pastry seen before. Waitrose do the best pastries!) 

It's not often I wear red, I'm not sure why... actually I'm lying. I know exactly why I don't wear red often.. because I'm a typical girl (#commonwhitegirl) and love pink. What can I say!
Today, I made a very big realisation, It ain't summer anymore. I decided as I woke up, to make the most of the fact my summer holidays are nearly over and wear a dress out. Approximately, 10 minutes after leaving the house (or just driving out of my village to be exact) The heavens opened and didn't stop all day..
Oh well hey ho, out roll the winter wollies and boots from now on.. After all if professional fashion bloggers are blogging that summer clothes are goners from now on, then you know that summer clothes are no longer a daily option *sad face*


V Festival 2014

 It's been a week since I came home from V Fest and I officially have festival blues!
It was my second time in V festival and it was definitely one to remember. Rizzle Kicks and Tinie Tempah were definitely my highlight.. boy did they know how to get the crowd going!
Justin Timerbake was the beautiful showman that he is known to be and when the beat for Sexyback came I had a bit of a heart palpitation!
Whilst seeing Kodaline, I officially found a love of my life: Steve Garrigan their lead singer *emoji with hearts for eyes*
Having spent the whole weekend in a damp tent, wearing damp clothes and eating a million calories in fast food, I have to say the feeling of my own bed has been cherished this week!
V Festival.. you did not disappoint! 

Orange Is The New Black


This post is a little bit of a fashion/beauty combination, as I intended to mainly show and review my new Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick, but opted instead to combine both, as my Zara top is extremely eye catching in these pictures!
Anyway, that intro was a little too longwinded and confusing, so let me begin with my review!
I've previously mentioned in my Lipstick Collection post that I adore the Kate Moss lipsticks, as they're amazingly long lasting and matte - my perfect formula. As I haven't bought a new Lipstick for aaaages (well a few months!) I just had to buy another from this collection. The colour is a little darker to my usual bright, fuchsia pink which I wear religiously. But, to be honest since I bought it a couple of weeks ago. I can't stop wearing it! I'd say the shade 107 is definitely best described as a colour match of Red Wine - hence why the shades called 'Wine' (Duh Lisa) In all honesty though, its a brilliant lipstick and a beautiful shade
Moss - you've done it again!
Note: The bright orange and yellow band on my wrist is from a certain weekends camping in V Festival... a post is coming soon!

A Little Treat

After yesterdays rather nervous post about me not feeling too joyous about today, I can finally breath a HUGE sigh of relief! I got three B's in my AS results, which I'm ECSTATIC about!! I some how managed to get a B in Art & Design, Sociology and Health & Social (I even got an A in one of the exams!)
To celebrate I did a crazy thing and went for a coffee with one my friends and got our nails done.. I have to be sensible in order to be able to actually wake up at 2.30am! The bestest celebration ever is going to V fest after amazing results for me today.. My life is somewhat on the up at the moment!

Sunny Sun

Isn't this weather just brilliant?! Here I am sporting some new shoes from Asos, I know they aren't very clear in the picture, but they are an off white sandal with about a 2 inch heel. My review on them has to be 10/10 on comfort but 6/10 for practicality (they aren't the safest shoes to drive in, believe me!)
I'm also wearing one of my many many Ted Baker tops, I know it isn't a very cheap brand, but their selection of clothing is just the dreamiest. I literally must lust over the New Arrivals section on their Website nearly every month, Oh to be a millionaire...
Finally, I wore two accessories which must be my most treasured possessions - my Lulu Guinness watch and lips clutch. Their price tags make my eyes water.. lets just say I received the lips clutch as a Christmas present off my mum and that was about it for that Christmas presents that year!
 I did make the wrong decision to wear black jeans. I was practically a melted mess on the floor by the end of the day. Now there's a LOVELY image for you!
ps. I must be the worse at 'posing' or whatever you call it, hence why I look like a 5 year old who doesn't want their picture taken by their mum! stupid un-photogenic genes I have!!


On A Bad Day There's Always Lipstick

(Rimmel London Kate Moss: 20, 5, 111, 110 | Topshop: All About Me
| YSL: 5 | Avon: Ruby in Gold, Fuchsia Fever, Doll Pink | Tom Ford: Incorrigible
Lancôme: 316)

'On a bad day there's always lipstick' is one genius quote. On a day when you feel nothing is going right with your face, you can slap on a bit of lipstick and suddenly feel like you could walk the red carpet. Ok ok, I'm exaggerating a little, but oh how I love to wear lipstick. It just brightens up any outfit you wish to sport. I myself, don't have the biggest collection going, but its enough for me, as I tend to stick with brands I trust. The perfect lip for me would be a matte finish that lasts all day. Believe me, the Kate Moss ones certainly do the business (hence why I own five in total - I have two of the number 20!) Close in terms of consistence is the Topshop lipsticks, I sadly only own one as my local Topshop don't sell then *cries*

Ironically enough, the lipsticks I own which are on the higher end of the price spectrum are used less, as for example the YSL lipstick is extremely glossy, but doesn't stay one for a great while which is annoying if your out all day. Nor does the Lancôme one, it's very thin and comes off in almost a heartbeat. Tom Ford on the other hand, I can say no wrong as it is the most gorgeous looking lipstick I've ever laid eyes on. Its a glittery finish the one I own and stays on for a considerable amount of time *All hail Tom Ford*

Finally are my rarely-used-cheap-and-cheerfully lipsticks from Avon. On the whole Avon are a great brand but the three lipsticks I own from them, I've had for about 5 years (Note: the three peeking out of the make bag) The black cased lipstick is a bright pink which was actually may very first ever pick lipstick. There's nothing hardly left of it but I keep it for the memories! The gold cased lipstick is a golden shimmered red - Christmas lipstick haha, and finally the white cased Avon lipstick a kind of matte finish pink. It's cheap, but boy does it stain your lips!

Note: I've done a couple of separate reviews over the past months.. fancy a look then here you go..
Tom Ford Lip Colour Sheer
YSL & Topshop Lipsticks

The Real Wild Show

(Stooopid frizzy hair)
(Without this belt, the dress makes you look pregnant.. jus sayin')

I've learnt two very valuable lessons these past days; One: The staff at Chester Train Station are the rudest humans I've ever come across and Two: Don't order a dress which is classed as Petite when you're 5ft 8 (it'll barely cover much of the ol' derriere)
Anyway, I've just comeback from a lovely few days in Liverpool with my family, wearing the said dress. Originally, when I ordered the Smock Dress off ASOS, I knew it was Petite sized, but in my dopey brain I thought Petite would be fine because I'm a size 8, but its actually for short people... Doh. This is why I have thick leggings with it, it gave me a little more dignity! 

My cousin is self admittedly not the best at taking photos, hence the reason half my legs have been cut of from the pictures of me, but its the best I got of what I'm wearing..
I envy the girls with photographer boyfriends and amazing blogs! Damn youuuu haha