Artlovin' | Niki Pilkington

It's not often I stumble across a random artist and fall in love with everything they've ever illustrated, but my god aren't Niki Pilkingtons illustration beautiful! Being a girl who's in the middle of A Level Art, its a common thing for me to be finding and including different artists in my work. I found out of Pilkington after a chance visit to a gallery, as she was giving a talk about her work. I have to say I'm in ore of her talent and ability to draw such detailed features.. HOW OH HOW?!
Pilkington is a Welsh artist, who is known to only use tools 'that could be found in a children's pencil case' She's worked for many brands, ahem Kurt Geiger to name a few! A popular feature within her work is the adding of popular Welsh saying, such as 'Teg yw edrych tuag adref' which roughly translates to 'Fair is looking towards home' Being Welsh myself, I love this feature even more as it adds a more personal touch and in a way, keeps her true to herself. 
Currently, she spends her time between Wales and New York.
Niki - you are one talented lady!
This post is simply expressing my love for Niki Pilkingtons skills as an Artist... Oh to be able to draw like this!


  1. Absolutely incredible illustrations.

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  2. I ADORE these Illustrations! especially the first one, I'm just about to start Art A-Level, so I think I'll keep a note of her and study her for one of my first Artist Research! thanks for the post :3 x

    1. Her illustrations are beautiful aren't they?! x