On A Bad Day There's Always Lipstick

(Rimmel London Kate Moss: 20, 5, 111, 110 | Topshop: All About Me
| YSL: 5 | Avon: Ruby in Gold, Fuchsia Fever, Doll Pink | Tom Ford: Incorrigible
Lancôme: 316)

'On a bad day there's always lipstick' is one genius quote. On a day when you feel nothing is going right with your face, you can slap on a bit of lipstick and suddenly feel like you could walk the red carpet. Ok ok, I'm exaggerating a little, but oh how I love to wear lipstick. It just brightens up any outfit you wish to sport. I myself, don't have the biggest collection going, but its enough for me, as I tend to stick with brands I trust. The perfect lip for me would be a matte finish that lasts all day. Believe me, the Kate Moss ones certainly do the business (hence why I own five in total - I have two of the number 20!) Close in terms of consistence is the Topshop lipsticks, I sadly only own one as my local Topshop don't sell then *cries*

Ironically enough, the lipsticks I own which are on the higher end of the price spectrum are used less, as for example the YSL lipstick is extremely glossy, but doesn't stay one for a great while which is annoying if your out all day. Nor does the Lancôme one, it's very thin and comes off in almost a heartbeat. Tom Ford on the other hand, I can say no wrong as it is the most gorgeous looking lipstick I've ever laid eyes on. Its a glittery finish the one I own and stays on for a considerable amount of time *All hail Tom Ford*

Finally are my rarely-used-cheap-and-cheerfully lipsticks from Avon. On the whole Avon are a great brand but the three lipsticks I own from them, I've had for about 5 years (Note: the three peeking out of the make bag) The black cased lipstick is a bright pink which was actually may very first ever pick lipstick. There's nothing hardly left of it but I keep it for the memories! The gold cased lipstick is a golden shimmered red - Christmas lipstick haha, and finally the white cased Avon lipstick a kind of matte finish pink. It's cheap, but boy does it stain your lips!

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