Red, Red Wine.

(Yes, that is the same berry pastry seen before. Waitrose do the best pastries!) 

It's not often I wear red, I'm not sure why... actually I'm lying. I know exactly why I don't wear red often.. because I'm a typical girl (#commonwhitegirl) and love pink. What can I say!
Today, I made a very big realisation, It ain't summer anymore. I decided as I woke up, to make the most of the fact my summer holidays are nearly over and wear a dress out. Approximately, 10 minutes after leaving the house (or just driving out of my village to be exact) The heavens opened and didn't stop all day..
Oh well hey ho, out roll the winter wollies and boots from now on.. After all if professional fashion bloggers are blogging that summer clothes are goners from now on, then you know that summer clothes are no longer a daily option *sad face*



  1. I feel like this had been one of the shortest English Summers in years, which is a real shame :( Love the dress and jacket, may have to throw on my final Summer outfit in the next few days! Great post! :)

    1. I know summers been rubbish - weather wise this year :( Back to jeans and jumpers soon I think haha xx