Sunny Sun

Isn't this weather just brilliant?! Here I am sporting some new shoes from Asos, I know they aren't very clear in the picture, but they are an off white sandal with about a 2 inch heel. My review on them has to be 10/10 on comfort but 6/10 for practicality (they aren't the safest shoes to drive in, believe me!)
I'm also wearing one of my many many Ted Baker tops, I know it isn't a very cheap brand, but their selection of clothing is just the dreamiest. I literally must lust over the New Arrivals section on their Website nearly every month, Oh to be a millionaire...
Finally, I wore two accessories which must be my most treasured possessions - my Lulu Guinness watch and lips clutch. Their price tags make my eyes water.. lets just say I received the lips clutch as a Christmas present off my mum and that was about it for that Christmas presents that year!
 I did make the wrong decision to wear black jeans. I was practically a melted mess on the floor by the end of the day. Now there's a LOVELY image for you!
ps. I must be the worse at 'posing' or whatever you call it, hence why I look like a 5 year old who doesn't want their picture taken by their mum! stupid un-photogenic genes I have!!



  1. Hey Chick, your photos are lush. If you're interested at all, I've tagged you in the Liebster award over on my blog. xx