The Real Wild Show

(Stooopid frizzy hair)
(Without this belt, the dress makes you look pregnant.. jus sayin')

I've learnt two very valuable lessons these past days; One: The staff at Chester Train Station are the rudest humans I've ever come across and Two: Don't order a dress which is classed as Petite when you're 5ft 8 (it'll barely cover much of the ol' derriere)
Anyway, I've just comeback from a lovely few days in Liverpool with my family, wearing the said dress. Originally, when I ordered the Smock Dress off ASOS, I knew it was Petite sized, but in my dopey brain I thought Petite would be fine because I'm a size 8, but its actually for short people... Doh. This is why I have thick leggings with it, it gave me a little more dignity! 

My cousin is self admittedly not the best at taking photos, hence the reason half my legs have been cut of from the pictures of me, but its the best I got of what I'm wearing..
I envy the girls with photographer boyfriends and amazing blogs! Damn youuuu haha