Zara Splash

Dress & Coat: Zara [Last Season] Heels: Next

Ok, before we begin, I know I've blogged the Zara dress before, but it's just so beautiful.. I blogged this dress again as I feel I've improved my blog skills and presentation a slight bit since May (maybe!)
I've had a strange week, a mix of confusion and being constantly stressed.. that may be just the definition of what sixth form does to you. As you may know, I'm currently in my final year of A Levels (phew!) and having picked Art as one of my subjects, I'm in a constant state of panic to complete about three different things at one time, aaall the time *sad face* Oh well, I'm trying to stay positive, because I know for a fact next year I'll be missing school so much! Funny, ol' world isn't? I'm stressing so much at the moment, but as soon as I finish, I'll probably wish I could go back!
As I've made a firm decision not to go to University next year and have no plans WHAT so ever about what I want to do, I feel I should be stressing more then I am!
I guess in the day dreamer mind I have, I think all is fine because I'm going to be a millionaire or a professional fashion blogger.. pfft I sound ridiculous but its genuinely why I'm not stressing HAHA! I need to get a grip!!
ANYWAY, sorry about all the school talk, boooring! as I had a bit of a melt down because of school last week, my mum took me out for food to calm me down and I wore my gorgeous Zara print dress. Teaming it with thee warmest Zara print coat (yes I do love Zara a bit too much ;) )
All I can say is, I felt a whole lot better after stuffing my face with food and getting all dressed up!
Kiss & Love Earrings: Butler & Wilson

And So, Winter Begins

(Watch: Olivia Burton, Coat: Pull & Bear)

Uh oh, winter's kicking in.. It seems in Britain we skip the Autumn season altogether. It goes from mild sunshine in August, to freezing, rainy Septembers in almost a heartbeat. Ah, Britain!

Speaking of September, if you didn't know its been my birthday recently (my 18th eeeeek!) And my two main presents were this watch and coat, I feel when I get a present I must justify having it, by wearing it constantly for at least a month. Then I don't feel guilty, bit weird huh?! This meaning my next few fashion/outfit post may have the said watch and coat (sorry, has to be done!)
Anyway, apologise if anyone wanted to see this full outfit on me, but I was having a major bad hair/face day.. I can be such a typical girl sometimes LOL.


Wining & Dining

(Blouse: Asos, Skirt: Ted Baker, Heels: River Island, Clutch: Primark)

Day two of celebrations for my 18th birthday! On Friday the 19th - the day after my birthday, I went for an Indian with friends. Again, I just had to dress up all nice, but I'll let you in on a secret, in these picture I may be smiling. Behind the smile is pain, because the heels I'm wearing basically squashed my toes until they swelled into elephant feet.. lovely. High Heels may look all lovely, but I think some were actually created by the devil!
My Ted Baker skirt only comes out on special occasions.. it was just a little bit pricey! It was only natural for me to wear it for my birthday meal. I had a lovely night, but I think I over indulged on a  little bit to much rosé and champagne.. I didn't feel the brightest of sparks the next morning.
Oh well, you're only 18 once as my mum said to me!

Finally 18

(Dress: Ted Baker, Coat: Pull & Bear, Clutch: Lulu Guinness, Sandals: Asos)
18 on the 18th of September.. it finally happened; I turned 18! It seems I've waited my whole teenage years waiting to turn 18.
As it is my 18th I obviously had three nights of plans which involve a lot of alcohol... it's only natural! On the Thursday of my birthday I went out for a meal with my family and wore my best attire, if I'm honest I think I should have put a little fake tan or something on, the dress against my pale body make me look like I'm not wearing anything.. oops
The coat I'm wearing was one of my main presents, as well as an Olivia Burton watch, which is seriously beautiful in up close. An other present I got off my mum was a coffee machine.. I'm seriously in love with coffee, so that is going to get some serious use in the foreseeable future!
Overall the I had a lovely 18th birthday, day, with great people.. Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee!
On the Friday the 19th, I went out for food with my friends.. check back soon to see my outfit... if you'd like ;)

L'Oreal Skin Perfection | Magic Touch Instant Blur

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Primer : Better or Worse than Benefit's 'The POREfessional... Now that is the question.
I recently ran out of my Benefit primer and decided, at £25, it was time to find something a little cheaper.. The L'Oreal Skin Perfection was £8.65 at Superdrug, so it's winning in terms of price already..
If I'm honest, once I find a product I really like, I find it extremely difficult to change to a different brand or product. This meant my trust issues were on the line buying a different primer!!
The end result is simple: Skin Perfection is my new favourite primer, it's consistency is a lot thicker than The POREfessional, meaning it feels as if its filling in the pores a lot better. It's longevity on the skin is a lot more prolonged than Benefits primer as well, meaning my skin looks smoother all day. Not that The POREfessional doesn't last long, I just feel like Skin Perfection makes my skin a lot softer and smoother looking all day..
I therefore strongly recommend this product to all you beauty geeks out there! It's cheap and does exactly what it promotes, you could say it has a Magic Touch...
*rolls eyes at the bad pun*


Artlovin' | Hartland Brooklyn

This should really be titled 'Brandlovin' shouldn't it, but yano they do illustrated there own designs so it is 'Art', yeah?

ANYWAYS, This is my second post under the 'Artlovin' series as the last one featuring Niki Pilkington went down very well in my opinion!
The second art love of mine I want to introduce is Hartland Brooklyn.
After the usually 5 million hours scrolling through Instagram, I came across some cute little illustrations by this brand.. doing the usual, next I browsed every picture on their page. I realised they were a brand who took their illustrations and crated occasion cards. Through Etsy, I couldn't resist buying a few for up coming 18th birthdays of two of my friends (and I really couldn't resist buying myself one)
As they are an American brand, I imagined the postage would be extremely pricey and take a forever to arrive.. Oh no no no. It took around 4 working days and the price of postage didn't make my eyes water!
Anyway, I think Hartland Brooklyn's illustrations are amazingly cute and so much better then any old card bought from the card shop. I definitely will be buying a few more cards in the future...


Skin Care | Acne & Combination Skin

 (Clockwise order: Cosmetic Warrior, Kora, Simple, Tea Tree Stick, L'occitane

I'll put an obvious fact out there for you, I ain't no dermatologist.. But I have suffered with acne for a depressingly long time. I'm 17 at the mo (18 in 2 weeks eeeek!) and I've suffered from acne since I was about 13/14 *heavy sigh* It's something I've grown to kind of accept, my skin's just an awkward shit that doesn't want to heal or calm down (sorry for the swearing haha) My problem areas are my chin and forehead, which I guess are the common places really. I'd loose count if I counted everyone with acne in my school to be honest. It's an inevitable occurrence. But boy, does it get you down. If I took a make-up free photo of me right now, head on, you'd probably not think it's too bad. But at the end of the day, I'm a girl and anything that isn't perfect, is a problem. So I think I've sold my point and feel I have enough experience with acne to be able to share my ways of tackling it.. without medicine from the doctor (I've tried those too.. no joy)

My main thing to try if your suffering with Acne is WATER, believe me I've been that girl that rolls her eyes when someone says 'drink more water, it really works!!!!' but I cannot stress enough, try your best to drink 2 litres a day and you'll definitely and I mean definitely see a difference. Before, I used to drink no water at all, after all why would I want to drink something so tasteless?! but seriously, since I've begun drinking 2 litres a day: My skins become softer, my problem areas aren't nearly as red as they used to be and your skin evens out SO much. I'd seriously tell 14 year old Lisa to drink more water (litre bottles of water aren't nearly as big as you'd imagine!) After all the times I've stepped out the shower and cried at the state of my skin or the times I've been embarrassed by my face because it's so red and blotchy. Water has literally saved my skin (No exaggeration necessary)  

Since my skin has cleared up considerably (there's obviously still the odd spot, but I can live with that) I've wanted to keep my skin looking good. Above (past all that writing!) are a few skin care products that have helped me and I rely on. If I wear foundation, I make sure to take it all off with a cotton pad and Simple light moisturiser. As make up wipes are seriously bad for your skin, all they basically do is remove a little bit and smear the rest all over your skin.. not good. Also if I do have the bulging spot I dab a little Superdrug Tea Tree spot stick on to calm it, as the tea tree gets absorb by the skin and calms the area down, making it less red. I try (emphasis on the try) to wash my whole face once or twice a week to get rid of any dirt that might have clogged the pores. Therefore I either opt for the  Lush 'Cosmetic Warrior' or the Kora 'Clay Purifying Mask' to clean deep down into the skin and have a fresh base for the coming week. Both products have organic ingredients, which is perfect as they won't harm or irritate the skin. The Lush product I've literally mentioned about 3 trillion times on this blog, but the garlic and whatever other wacky ingredients they put in it seriously combats those pesky spots. Finally, I tend to get dry skin in the space between the eyebrows.. above the nose area.. you know the place I'm on about, right? Well when I get a little dry skin I just pop on a little L'occitane 'Precious Cream' and I kid you not, the dry skin disappears within a day!

I know this is a bit of a rambly post and thank you for reading if you made it this far! All I have stated here is my honest opinion as I have literally suffered terribly with acne for years. If you take even a little bit of advice or a tip, then I'll be happy.. as acne is one of the worse skin disorder that a person has to cope with. My skin is far from perfect but with these items and of course water, I'm slowly on my way to feeling comfortable with my skin.