And So, Winter Begins

(Watch: Olivia Burton, Coat: Pull & Bear)

Uh oh, winter's kicking in.. It seems in Britain we skip the Autumn season altogether. It goes from mild sunshine in August, to freezing, rainy Septembers in almost a heartbeat. Ah, Britain!

Speaking of September, if you didn't know its been my birthday recently (my 18th eeeeek!) And my two main presents were this watch and coat, I feel when I get a present I must justify having it, by wearing it constantly for at least a month. Then I don't feel guilty, bit weird huh?! This meaning my next few fashion/outfit post may have the said watch and coat (sorry, has to be done!)
Anyway, apologise if anyone wanted to see this full outfit on me, but I was having a major bad hair/face day.. I can be such a typical girl sometimes LOL.


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