Artlovin' | Hartland Brooklyn

This should really be titled 'Brandlovin' shouldn't it, but yano they do illustrated there own designs so it is 'Art', yeah?

ANYWAYS, This is my second post under the 'Artlovin' series as the last one featuring Niki Pilkington went down very well in my opinion!
The second art love of mine I want to introduce is Hartland Brooklyn.
After the usually 5 million hours scrolling through Instagram, I came across some cute little illustrations by this brand.. doing the usual, next I browsed every picture on their page. I realised they were a brand who took their illustrations and crated occasion cards. Through Etsy, I couldn't resist buying a few for up coming 18th birthdays of two of my friends (and I really couldn't resist buying myself one)
As they are an American brand, I imagined the postage would be extremely pricey and take a forever to arrive.. Oh no no no. It took around 4 working days and the price of postage didn't make my eyes water!
Anyway, I think Hartland Brooklyn's illustrations are amazingly cute and so much better then any old card bought from the card shop. I definitely will be buying a few more cards in the future...



  1. Oh wow, these illustrations are so sweet. Definitely okay to call it "artlovin!" The bunny made me "aw" out loud. ♥

    1. The bunny illustration is so sweet isn't it! Ok I'm glad someone agreed that it was fine to call it 'Artlovin'!!