Wining & Dining

(Blouse: Asos, Skirt: Ted Baker, Heels: River Island, Clutch: Primark)

Day two of celebrations for my 18th birthday! On Friday the 19th - the day after my birthday, I went for an Indian with friends. Again, I just had to dress up all nice, but I'll let you in on a secret, in these picture I may be smiling. Behind the smile is pain, because the heels I'm wearing basically squashed my toes until they swelled into elephant feet.. lovely. High Heels may look all lovely, but I think some were actually created by the devil!
My Ted Baker skirt only comes out on special occasions.. it was just a little bit pricey! It was only natural for me to wear it for my birthday meal. I had a lovely night, but I think I over indulged on a  little bit to much rosé and champagne.. I didn't feel the brightest of sparks the next morning.
Oh well, you're only 18 once as my mum said to me!


  1. I love that skirt and that clutch. Gorgeous. Seriously
    xx, Jodi