Zara Splash

Dress & Coat: Zara [Last Season] Heels: Next

Ok, before we begin, I know I've blogged the Zara dress before, but it's just so beautiful.. I blogged this dress again as I feel I've improved my blog skills and presentation a slight bit since May (maybe!)
I've had a strange week, a mix of confusion and being constantly stressed.. that may be just the definition of what sixth form does to you. As you may know, I'm currently in my final year of A Levels (phew!) and having picked Art as one of my subjects, I'm in a constant state of panic to complete about three different things at one time, aaall the time *sad face* Oh well, I'm trying to stay positive, because I know for a fact next year I'll be missing school so much! Funny, ol' world isn't? I'm stressing so much at the moment, but as soon as I finish, I'll probably wish I could go back!
As I've made a firm decision not to go to University next year and have no plans WHAT so ever about what I want to do, I feel I should be stressing more then I am!
I guess in the day dreamer mind I have, I think all is fine because I'm going to be a millionaire or a professional fashion blogger.. pfft I sound ridiculous but its genuinely why I'm not stressing HAHA! I need to get a grip!!
ANYWAY, sorry about all the school talk, boooring! as I had a bit of a melt down because of school last week, my mum took me out for food to calm me down and I wore my gorgeous Zara print dress. Teaming it with thee warmest Zara print coat (yes I do love Zara a bit too much ;) )
All I can say is, I felt a whole lot better after stuffing my face with food and getting all dressed up!
Kiss & Love Earrings: Butler & Wilson


  1. I feel your pain with Art A-Level, it is a bit of a nightmare D:, I love the Zara Print Dress and the ring! where did you get it? :) x

  2. Im always tearing my hair out with art...TOO MUCH TO DO! To be honest I got the ring aaaaages ago, so have completely forgotten where its from! x

  3. Hey Lisa! I've nominated you for the 'One Lovely Blog award', go and check it out on my blog:) x x

  4. Love your shoes and your purse! So cute!