London Snippets | St Paul's

Coat: Pull & Bear | Scarf: River Island | Boots: Next
Ah London, you were a pleasure. A somewhat busy, sweaty, eye-opening pleasure, but lovely all the same. 
On Monday of this week, me and mum decided to take on the Big City and see all it has to offer, and that we did. To be honest, the Tube/London Underground, was an experience in itself... SO.MANY.PEOPLE! I'm from a tiny little village in the back fields of nowhere in rainy Wales. So experiencing the same populations as my village on one, cramped tube was something out of the ordinary. First lesson learnt about London: Victoria line at rush hour - havoc!
On Monday of this week, I paid a visit to the Tate Modern, crossed the Millennium Bridge and became mesmerised by the beauty of St Pauls Cathedral
All together I had a very tourist-y day.
As it was inevitable I was going to be walking more than a 26 mile marathon whilst exploring London, I made sure to have some comfy soles on my feet. These over the knee beauties from Next were a delight and there wasn't too much damage once I reached back to the hotel... my bank card however... oops.
All together I was in London for 4 days and I think I wore my coat for a fraction of the time. Second Lesson learnt about London: It so hot! I think, because its so populated, there's enough body heat to be warm enough to walk down any street and only feel a slight chill. After all, the tube has to be the hotter than Spain in peak times!
ps. Stay tuned from London Part 2 :)

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