Mid-October Favourites

Ok yes, I know monthly favourites are supposed to be an end of month thing, but yano forget the rules.. This is my MID- month favourites. HA!

Firstly is the beaut of a scarf from River Island, it is like thee warmest scarf in the world, which is a big statement, but I feel like a big, warm cinnamon bun when I wear it. Yes, ok Aztec print is soo 2011, but the print isn't that obvious.. so it's ok!
Talking of Cinnamon, I'm absolutely obsessed with the Pukka 'Three Cinnamon' Tea. Move over Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, I think this is the official taste of Autumn/Winter for me.
For ma face, I decided I would venture out more and wear some highlighter, besides, my cheekbones are permanently incognito.. I need to bring them bad boys out! So, I bought Revlon Highlighting Palette in Rose Glow. Its a very shimmery, pink powder and is a nice addition to my make up bag!Finally, some Barry M Confetti Nail Varnish in Marshmallow. I'll put it out there, it is raised once it's on the nail, so if you hate textured nail varnish, it ain't for you gurl. I personally love the touch of confetti on my nails, but I would suggest about 2/3 coats because one coat creates a lot of gaps!


ps. If there is anyone out there that actually reads this tiny blog of mine, I apologise for the lack of content recently, A Levels are a nightmare at the moment! x