Painting Winter

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So, its been nearly two weeks since I last blogged, hmm.. Sorry 'bout that.  
I'm probably never going to win any proper awards for this little blog thing, but if I was in the running for anything, it'd definitely be for 'The Most Inconsistent Blog'
Blame School, people. Blame School!
In more exiting news, Winter is like, OFFICALLY here! The clocks have gone back an hour here today. Meaning its now an OK thing, to start putting my pj's on at 4 o'clock *ignores that fact I sound like an eighty year old*
With the winter-y vibes creeping in, dark nails are officially a-ok. I don't usually go for anything dark on my nails, in my head anything darker than pastel pink is abnormal. 
But as black jeans and thick jumpers are worn more regularly, I feel darker nails accompany them a lot better.
The three nail varnishes above really work well in the winter months and really bring a pop of goodness to any cold day!

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