Wear your eyes as dark as night, Paint your face with what you like.

Autumn has begun. Its official. No longer do I reach for the ice cold water, Its now piping hot coffee. No longer do I leave the house without a coat, I now have a scarf and coat. No longer do I try and pull off the 'No Make-up, Make-up', I now have the above painted across my face..
Three Staple Autumn Products:
Recently, these three products have been seriously overused..
Eyes: The shade 'Toasted' across the lid completely, with 'Naked' in the crease to blend it all out. These too shades together create a very autumnal eye, as the shade Toasted is a very rose gold shimmer with an undertone of brown, with Naked being a very light, matte brown. Which works perfectly to even out the crease. I finish off the eyes with a simple, thin line of the Lancome, brown liner across the lid. 
Lips: To accompany this eye, I've been wearing an old-ish favourite, Rimmel Kate Moss: 107. Its a dark, red wine shade, which again, screams autumn.

(I don't have photo evidence of the look on my face as I've come to the conclusion I'm crap at taking selfies.. sowwy)

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