Appreciating L'Occitane

It appears my love affair with L'Occitane has grown over the last few months and I have come to realise recently that I have built up quite a collection..
To be honest, I never really been a skin care lover, I've never been one to religiously apply day & night cream daily or massage my hands until they're baby soft. But recently, I've began to take some added care of my ol'skin (no doubt because of the endless blogs I read, suggesting products!)
Here are four that have really benefited me during these cold, winter months:
I've briefly mentioned this product before, when chatting about my Acne Troubles, saying how well it works with dry skin, and seriously, I'm not lying! I tend to develop dry skin in the patch between my eyebrows - at the top of my nose (strange place, I know!) and also my forehead. With my forehead being extremely spotty in the past, I do all I can to avoid it now it's cleared. So during the cold months, I pop a little of this on the forehead and I can seriously say, it SO soft afterwards!
Because this face cream is designed to not only moisturise skin, it also relieves sunburn, meaning its extremely calming- its basically a 2-in-1 face cream!
As its SO extremely cold out there, my eyes are getting really dry recently. I didn't think that removing my eye make up with wipes was helping an awful lot, as face wipes are known for being extremely drying for the skin in general. So, I decided on an eye make-up remover (obviously, ha!) I wasn't too sure about it at first to be honest, as I was scared that the gel was going to sting my eyes when I started taking my make up off. But it's incredibly soothing and my eyes feel  x10 better.
Although I only bought this product recently, I bought it from an Outlet L'Occitane shop, which is basically a clearance branch. So, I not sure if this product is still available, as outlet shops only tend to sell last seasons stock... There HAS to be some kind of alternative to this now, surely! 
Whilst in Covent Garden a few weeks ago, I went into L'Occtaine to re-purchase the Precious Cream, whilst there, there was some kind of special offer on, were you received this as a free gift, when you bought a product over a certain price (sorry that was a long-winded intro lol) Well, I was even more tempted to buy the cream when a free gift was offered on top!
To begin with, this product smells, it so fresh and makes any shower smell just that bit better! I've began to use it on my legs after shaving them (tmi, sorry) and my legs feel like silk once out the shower. A seriously lovely, product.
Ill admit, I've never been a hand cream person. I always think that its a bit of a waste of time, because you put it on and then can't do anything for about 15 minutes until its dry. I still live by that philosophy now, but the smell of this is so strong and lovely that I don't care about the long drying time! Usually, people describe eye shadows as being pigmented, but if I was to describe a smell as being pigmented, that's what i'd call this. As the lime-y smell is really strong, but nice strong!
On the whole, I've been obsessed with L'Occitane recently and literally want everything on their website, now I know how good these products above are!
Put it this way, I have a very long list of products on my way to the North Pole this year!!

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