Blog Eighteen in Twenty Fifteen

 Twenty Fifteen In; BEAUTY
 As far beauty post go, they seem to have died down in recent times on this little blog, that been purely because I've loved to play dress up and beauty has taken a back seat. Looking at the posts I've done here, I actually feel an urge to do more beauty post, because really, there's nothing I love to do more then to do little arrangements with aaaall the flowers and candles. Perhaps that's something I'll work on in 2016; its just I don't buy a lot of beauty products, but every now and again when I do it may have to appear on the blog..!
As far as beauty,  this years seen a big development for me, in terms of taking photos of products and flat lays. I actually learnt how to use my camera earlier on in the year (who knew there was another setting, bar 'auto' HAHA), so the aperture (is that the word haha?!) and lighting settings in general have help my photos look, well less shit really. I've really loved the whole, white background look of beauty photos and the endless stream of flowers me and my mum buy ourselves has not been wasted... a bunch of roses is always worth photographing!

Twenty Fifteen In; FASHION
Its my outfit photos that have really been the biggest development on this blog in 2015. Yes, I know I'm basically just standing in the same spot in my conservatory week in week out, showing you all what I wear. But, its something that I've really enjoyed, often I have thoughs self-conscious days where I just want to cut all my hair off or cry in a corner (bit dramatic but I ama girl at the end of the day haha!) But, I've started to build some confidence and have become just that little bit less awkward trying to pose for the camera (though that area really needs some work on in 2016!)
With me I love clothes and styling items, having this to look back on    
makes me feel more at ease that I do have clothes to wear on them days when I have nothing in my wardrobe!!
Here's to another year of awkward poses and half smiles...!
Twenty Fifteen On; INSTAGRAM

As far as Instagram's concerned this is the year I actually figured out how its all done, and have sadly become one of those girls who has to have everything match her theme (god forbid the break in the theme!) As I always say, at the end of it, Instagram is just a bit of fun and if taking photos, editing the shit out of them, and posting them with a funny caption brings me joy, then what's wrong with that!! - Yes, I do realise I sound like a 60 year old!
As far as this years gone, Instagram has reminded me of so much; I've been lucky enough to have two holidays; Ibiza with a big group of my friends & Cyprus with my mum. I've started the year stressed with A Levels, but ended up with grades I couldn't of dreamed of (ABBB!!!) I've had lovely days out with friends, a couple of Spa days. I've started a full time job I love, saved enough to buy a Burberry scarf with my initials (obviously haha) and finished it off with a lovely Christmas with family... Yes, there have been lows, it's inevitable, but really the highs have really out weighed them. My blog has developed extremely and I now have the time to work on it as much as I'd like; Weekends have become blog days as well as days for me to enjoy - its actually been lovely having the endless stream of coursework stop!

If you've read/ commented or even just given me a follow on bloglovin etc. thank you so much, I
hope my little space on the internet is enjoyable enough, because it brings me so much joy and I
actually get exited to take photos/write. So thank you, and here's to anyother year of rambling..!


Take Two

 [Dress; Zara | Coat; Pull & Bear | Scarf; Burberry | Tights; John Lewis | Shoes; Next]
 Ever put together a full outfit and love it some much you wear it again - exactly every single piece of that outfit, once more? Well, this is exactly what happened with this one - If you managed to stubble across my last post, you might have noticed me show I'd worn this out for some lunch with my mum. This is that outfit and I worn it that day doing that thing in my head of, 'I really like what I'm wearing today!' - So, naturally I worn it again over the weekend, trying to lighten up those pre-Christmas blues (and obviously, fully show it off in a blog post.. obviously)
 With this outfit, I'm uncharacteristically wearing black, ok I know I'm not alien to the colour (black leigh jeans are life, don't forget oxo) , but its not often I wear too many dark clothes all at once. I always try and dress as bright as possible. So hence the light brown coat and red scarf - (don't forget the red lipstick!!) I feel this is going to be one of the last full of Christmassy/wintery outfit for a while now because I'm that person who loves the Christmas build up from November onwards, but as soon as Boxing Days over, wants to forget about Christmas and look forward to Spring (no Bar Humbug, just want the dark, wintery nights to stop!!) So here's my kiss goodbye to the festive season, I'll look forward to seeing you again next year.. now where's this sunshine at?!

My Festive Week..

CHESTER; 19th December 2015.
 To kick start my Christmas Week, me and my close friend Katie, took trip to Chester for some Shopping and Christmas Market action. When you get older, the Christmas spirit seems hard to find or feel, so what better way then to have a gander round log cabins, eating fudge and singing along to 'Christmas time, mistletoe and wine..!' Because it was the last Saturday before Christmas, it was pretty packed, but we'd set out knowing that and had no pressure to have to go anywhere, we just wanted a festive day out... and that we got!!
Food With Mum; 21st December 2015
Because I'm lucky enough to have the whole of the two weeks Christmas off work (the blessing of chirstmas shutdown!!) it was only right to start the week with some leisurely lunch out with my mum! We went to place called 'Ty Golchi' - a Welsh Café, so 10 points to you if you can pronounce that!! I had some amazing Fajitas and mum had a prawn sandwich.
 A very low-key day, but they're the best aren't they?!
Christmas Day & Boxing Day; 25th, 26th of December
To end my Festive week, obviously it was CHRISTMAS! I have to say, this years day was one of the nicest we've had. Instead of going down the traditional route (and my mum, being no Nigella in the kitchen) we went out for Christmas dinner. It was actually such a nice change and something me and mum thought 'why have we never down this before??' Christmas morning was spent opening present and getting ready, then lunch at 12.30, then home in out joggers and hoddie for an evening of watching crap tv (Christmas tv this year was shocking, wasn't it?!) .. It was such a different but lovely Christmas!
For boxing day, we've had our family round for a buffet, which used to be a tradition, but something we haven't done for years. Its just so nice having all my family round and laughing and joking, and just generally being merry! It actually severally flooded in my village/ area, but luckily my whole close family live in the same village so nothing changed at all! so we had a house full on Boxing day (about 14/15 people haha!) and just a lovely lovely day.
 Merry Christmas Everyone!


 [Jumper; Vintage | Jeans; All Saints (similar) | Boots; Zara (similar)]
 So a few weeks ago in a blog post, I wittered on about how I hated my wardrobe and everything in there had been over worn, and basically it just needed a freshen up. Well, low and behold, I went on a massive spending spree and as if by magic I now don't hate my wardrobe.. there are now items which are actually appropriate for winter (I did kinda buy 3 knitted jumpers, all coming up in Wednesdays post..!)

For me, my style kind of changes, you could say like the weather haha but genuinely the weather does play a very big roll in what I decide to put on in the morning. Often, I do dress down, yano the plan top and black jeans. But, more often then that I like to dress with a bit of colour, there is not that many neutrals in my wardrobe, to be honest I never help myself when I go shopping.. my eyes are just drawn to the bright patterns and colours. This stars-and-stripes themed jumper, I sported over the weekend being no exception. I actually picked it up in a little vintage shop in Cardiff, me not being one to automatically think to go into vintage shops, I was actually surprised as how much I like things they sold. I honesty really love this jumper and am so happy I managed to find it.. like the women behind the till said as I bought it 'no one around is going to have this jumper, apart from you' - I think that made me smile just that little bit more.

As it keeps in with the current rollneck trend that's been sported this a/w, I've got a feelings its going to get a lot of wear. I got round to wearing it over the weekend, and paired it with some simple white wash denim and warm boots. But, I do think it will go with any bottoms, because its simple enough with the cream, but the pattern of the flag will make the outfit stand out a little bit more... love love love.

A few days in.. Cardiff

Over the weekend, as you *may* have guessed from the title, I took a trip to Cardiff; seeing my friend who's there studying in Uni. I have to say, this weekend away was very much needed, I had some time away from reality and was able to relax & shop with my friend who I've know since we were 4 -  weekends like this are always the best!
All together, We managed to squeeze in Shopping, Eating, Cocktail drinking & endless nattering all into just over a day and a half. It may be a gruelling 4 1/2 hour train journey to Cardiff from my house - the trip from north to south Wales is a liiiitle long. But, it was so worth it!

Whist in the high street, after breaking our bank accounts in Zara, we went for some leisurely afternoon tea & cake in Bakers Tea Room. Peppermint Tea and a slice of hazelnut cake filled a much needed gap - plus our feet got some much needed rest!  Later on, after putting our names down in Bills - damn busy cities and popular restaurants, we went for cocktails.. well how else do you bridge an hours wait for food, eh? Bills, as always didn't disappoint and their Halloumi Burger was devoured in minutes; we even went back for breakfast the next day - Eggs Florentine on a Sunday morning.. Bliss.
On the whole, my weekend away was absolutely lovely and I actually felt sad leaving, because it was so nice to eat, shopping and just generally relax. Plus the fact I wouldn't see my friend for months now, damn you Cardiff, why are you so far?!


The Book List #2

For me, there's no better feeling then getting into a book, really getting into a book. To the point were your reading 50 pages a night and complete it in a flash. Well, if you can't guess by that very descriptive intro, this is exactly what happened with this one. Often, its the ones you never expect to be good that are extremely good and you're chuffed to bits that you picked it in the first place.
With this one, I picked it up, randomly, from a library bus that comes round my nain's (grandma) once a month, picking it up as the the cover looked like something it'd get into... ok I judged a book by its cover, but I wasn't all wrong! 

New Orders

It seems I haven't had a bit of spend in awhile, well recently I've seemed to have dipped into my bank account on more than one occasion - I would say there hasn't been too much damage, but that would be lying!
I'll start with the Chanel top coat, a top coat I have to say seems to be an investment worthwhile, I've been using it over the last week and my nails only chipped on the fifth day.. not too bad really. To be honest, the packaging had me at hello, so even if it was crap, I'd still have probably carried on using it.. it IS Chanel after all! Next, is the River Island bobble hat (see it better here) which has fast become my favourite hat and probably the warmest I own; burgundy is just the best colour for A/W so this lil'bobble hat is just true love!

Highlights of My Week

 To mix it up a bit on this blog I thought I'd do a little post on a few highlights that made my life just that little more content over the past week or so. Four little things that have actually made a bit difference to my mood, they do say its the little things in life don't they, after all!
The first thing being the Mug from Asda that I picked up a few days ago. It was only £2 and I honestly think its the cutest thing ever. Me being a bit of coffee addict means there is always time for a coffee, so this mug could not be more true! Also, I seem to going through a weird phase were I like collecting cute mugs.. hmm I've gone through weird phases before but this is a bit of an odd one haha.
Another highlight is the fact its now cold enough to dig out my winter scarf, I bought this River Island one literally a year ago (checked back on the ol'blog for that one: the post's here!) I love big snuggly scarves, now there's no excuses to wrap in one at every opportunity!
Its felt like an age since I've done any kind of beauty review on here - another phase: Fashion > Beauty! Well, when I picked up this Barry M - Sparkling Ruby polish, its so beautiful not have some kind of mention on here. Its a glitter ruby red and just SCREAMS Christmas - I don't think I'm going to take it off my nails until the big day now! Also, with these new (ish) 'gelly hi shine' formula, they seem to be so much more long lasting.. very very good!
Lastly, is a beauty product I've thought to use or even buy, but yano with eyebrows becoming such an important thing now in every girls beauty routine, I thought I'd venture into eye brow gels. This one from Bobbi Brown has a small enough brush to give enough precision and actually keeps my brow hair in place all day; I've never used any other kind of brow gel before, so can't compare how good it actually is, but for me I've been lucky enough that this one was good first time!
(finally figured out manual focus on my camera lol) 

My Two Pence into Paris Fashion Week

:: Emanuel Ungaro ~ SS16 Ready-to-Wear
To start this little round up of my favourite Paris Fashion Week pieces and collections, I'll begin with the most vibrant, but not all that well-known (well not to me anyway) -Emanuel Ungaro. With fashion week/ month, I find its a great opportunity to discover brands, as well as highlight the excellence of high couture. With this collection, I couldn't help notice the vibrancy, the use of bold colour, the Barbie pinks etc. really caught my eye and I have to point out how much I love the heavy use of pattern. This collection is far from blending into the background and the somewhat 'girliness' of the pieces really tugs at my heart strings - serious heart eyes over here!
:: Hermes ~ SS16 Ready-to-Wear
Next is one of the most luxurious of brands; Hermes. I feel with this label that its best never to look at the price of things, because even the tiniest of items would cost the equivalent of re-mortgaging your house.. well we can all window shop can't we?! This collection though, screams minimalistic (eh look, an oxymoron.. see I do remember something from English language GCSE!) with a feel of a real statement pieces. Though not much colour ran through the collection, the monochrome feel suited the shapes and styles of the pieces shown. On the whole, the simple styles stayed in touch with the high luxury the brand replicates, though minimal, stayed true to Hermes. 
:: Chanel ~ SS16 Ready-to-Wear
It wouldn't really be Paris Fashion Week if you didn't mention one of the most famous French brands of the modern era, Chanel. This show seemed to be one of the most sorted after, with the whole Airport & Travel theme running through, all Twitter was seemed to throwing up was the words Chanel Airways - this is when you know you've made a statement.. For the line itself, the pieces seem, well quirky is the only word that springs to mind. There seemed to be a lot of tweed influences, with eye catching colours (like shown above) such as royal blues and pinks. In my opinion, there were a lot of pieces I would pick as an individual item, for instance the two piece shown above, I wouldn't necessarily wear it together, but the jacket on its one would work well. It's safe to say, Chanel certainly made an impression... 

:: Moncler Gamme Rouge ~ SS16 Ready-to-Wear
Lastly is another brand I'm not familiar with, though with a name like Moncler Gamme Rouge its safe to say I think I've found my new favourite named brand.. what a name!. After looking through the collection and looking into the brand, its roots of being a sportswear brand showed definite signs of influences, with trainers being donned throughout. The back drop though seemed a thing of beauty, giving the pieces femininity, complementing the floral patterns of the pieces worn. I have to say, some of the dresses in this collection seem stunning, again as I always seem to say - if only the prices were just tad cheaper...!

My Two Pence into London Fashion Week

:: Victoria Victoria Beckham ~ SS16 Ready-to-Wear
The first collection which definitely caught my eye and I would say was a highlight for me, after scrolling the 'net through many of LFW's great exhibitions was the Victoria Victoria Beckham collection. I have to say, her collections are always something to lust after; I'm forever scrolling her website, dreaming of clutching one of her bags or rocking the patterned a-lines; though never have I the bank balance to fund anything by her (well I do have The Spice Girls greatest hits CD, does that count?!)  At first look, her collection seems trademark to her style; crisp and formal, though with bold colours that draw together the eye-catching patterns. The style of the collection was drawn from Moroccan influences (according to Vogue, who's going to argue with them, eh?!) and with the look of the loose fits, this seems evident. On the whole, as I say to myself, if its a collection of pieces I would be comfortable and love wearing, then its a love of mine - this collection is just that.. Posh Spice you didn't disappoint!!!
:: Burberry Prorsum SS16 ~ Ready-to-Wear
Next is the epitome of British design - Burberry; now this traditional line has always been a bit up and down in terms of me love for it. The traditional check has always seem to be a little (do I dare say) common. Though over the last few years the traditional check, as well as its extended 'Prorsum' label seemed to have been reinvented, now seeming to be elegant with a Brit-chic feel. This collection seemed sophisticated, with a high influences of black and nude shades - a big difference to the VVB's feel of bright bolds. On the whole, the collection drew comparisons to All Saints trademark feel of dark shades in my mind, though plenty of shape and fitted to bring shape and enhance the body - the dress on the left being drawn in at the waist to enhance the female shape.
:: Chloe - Pre ~ SS16 Ready-to-Wear
With Chloe, I have to say, I haven't invested a lot of my time in the same way I scour the likes of Victoria Beckham's designs. Though, I have seen the latest lust of the Chloe Drew bag across social media platforms. Whilst looking through the latest fashion collections of the week, this one stood out prominently. I have to say, its the simplicity of the pieces that draws me in, with muted colours and loose fits - the use of nudes being very evident throughout. Though, some strips of animal print seemed to used, this showing signs of leopard or zebra making a more distinguished comeback this SS16 (though has it ever left?!) Overall, this collection seems to define (in my book) breezy, the laid back feel makes me sense relaxed - and who doesn't love relaxed, right?
:: Palmer//Harding ~ SS16 Ready-to-Wear

Finally, is brand new to me; though from this collection I will definitely do more homework in learning what's to do with this brand. On the surface, the airy designs are very pastel based, with a formal feel. Most noticeable of the styling of these pieces are the high necklines, I feel sometimes this type of neckline can seem unflattering, though Palmer//Harding seem to pull it off in a formal way, making a statement of the bold shape. On the whole, this collection drew a lot of interest to me, with the colours and shapes being pieces I would buy if it was a something on the shelves of a high street chain.


The Book List #1


Not That Kind of Girl // Lena Dunham

 For the first time on this blog of mine I'm going to review a book (no harm in changing things up a bit, eh?) I'm not going to lie, I'm not the biggest book worm; you won't catch me reading for hours on end or come to me on advice on a good read for a winter. I'm more of a  person that goes through fazes, I could go months with out picking up even a single chapter then suddenly have a pile I want to read; I'm more the on and off book worm (if such a thing!)
Whilst in the airport on the way to Cyprus a few weeks back, I quickly pick this up in WHSmith after realising I had no book to read by the pool (prime reading time) I basically picked it up because it was pink and looked the kind of light-hearted girly book (kinda judged this book by its cover - don't kill me)
On the whole it was just that - a light hearted take on life by a women named Lena Denham. It's kind of a self help book in a way that she tells stories and scenarios of things that have happened in her life, telling her audience that 'this happened to me, so if it happens to you, don't feel bad about it' - well that's the narrative I got! She splits the book into five sections -  'Love & Sex', 'Body', 'Friendship', 'Work' & 'Big Picture' and talks through each section (as the cover reads) about what's she's learnt. As parts of the book are talked about 'to the point' and in raw detail which gives it a really truthful edge. Through the swearing and graphic scenarios Lena has got hear self in, it makes you smile and gives you spirit that its ok to be reckless and make mistakes. The cover had a little sticker that read 'creator and star of HBO's GIRLS' - and after reading this I series feel I need to watch Girls, because if the humour from this book is half as much as it is in Girls, then I feel I will have found a new series to guide me through life.


All Them Stripes & Denim

So, its seems as if the second September has struck I'm back in the woollen tights, well to be honest I'd probably would have been wearing them all summer, bar a few days, though thick tights in mid-August doesn't seem acceptable.. but now. Now, its officially Autumn, which in a sense, makes me a bit sad. Because everything seems to happen so fast in the colder months and before you know it, its New Years Eve and you're having a serious 'wtf?' moment about time and how fast it goes.
Don't get me wrong, I love the novelties of the autumn months, especially since its someone's birthday come the 18th of this month wink wink! You know, the darker evenings, the cosy nights on the sofa etc etc etc. But, still it's just so much nicer when the sun is shining, at the end of the day.. Anyway, not to sound too British and lark on about the weather too much, here's an outfit I wore this week that is simple, yet has enough colour to not be fade into the background too much (oh we couldn't be having that; everyday a fashion show after all)
To not sound too much like a broken record, this outfit is all Zara, well bar the grey tights.. I actually stepped foot in somewhere other than Zara and ventured into Forever 21 (I know, I surprised myself too!)
The denim skirt has made an appearance before in one of my #ootd posts, but yano when an item of clothing is this beautiful, how can you not wear it more than once. I actually feel it has quite a autumnal vibe to it, as its quite thick denim (though it did look fine with a summer blouse before!) As for the striped blouse, its supposed to be a work blouse for when I start my office job, but that's
not beginning for another 3 weeks so I gave it a trial run this week! (note; its comfy and will do for work!) As for the boots, I mentioned them in my previous post, the camel colour (as I said) does in fact bring a little life to an outfit and gave it a little preppy-ish vibe...yay for camel suede!

Dressing for the Last of S/S

As its now the last day of August, yes THE LAST DAY OF AUGUST (serious, wtf) It's officially the last day of summer, which feels absolutely stupid to say because I think we've had a total of 4 days of sun all together (or it might be even less haha) So, as its the last day where its kind of acceptable to wear skirts and sandals, I went aaaall out on a trip to Liverpool the other day in a last bid to get some wear out of clothes that will gather dust and cobwebs for the next, I don't know 8/9 months?!

As it was sunny-ish, and sunglasses were acceptable, I decided to get another wear out of this absolutely beautiful scalloped skirt from Topshop. I bought it around a week ago after working endless shifts in work - a payday treat is never a bad thing! I'll admit, it is a little short, though I feel it doesn't look as if it should be a belt like some mini skirts out there.. being 5ft 8, buying skirts can be a nightmare! Though, this pale grey and white striped skirt looks so delicate and pretty, when I saw it on Topshop, I couldn't leave it!
I paired it with a simple white vest top and black sandals.. both comfy and practical (shopping all day in an uncomfortable pair of shoes is a modern day horror story, agree?) Also, as I said, the sun did make an appearance, so I decided my new Prada sunglasses should make an appearance..
These sunglasses, I have to say are probably the best thing I've bought all year! Yes, I know Prada is very expensive and I don't buy designer sunglasses often (the last time was four years ago, so) but yano when you're in airport duty free and there's 40% off and you've saved loads for the holiday and they're just there staring at you in all their wooden, patterned, designer glory, you just have to have a tiny splurge.. to be honest I have zero regrets, because I always wear sunglasses and I 100% will wear them, so is it really a waste of money? (I'm going to say no, to make myself feel better!)

Altogether, I had a lovely day visiting my cousin in Liverpool, feeling all summery, spending too much money in Zara and eating Zizzi Italian until I couldn't move.. what a lovely Thursday that was!

Snippets of.. Cyprus

Right, so its now Friday the 28th of August and I came off my holiday on Sunday the 23rd of August.. to say that I literally haven't stopped since I came home is an understatement, this being the reason its taken me nearly a week to upload these photos!
As I said, last week I had went on my second holiday of the year - a more relaxing one compared to my Ibiza trip it has to be said, in the beautiful and extremely hot country of Cyprus. This was my third time visiting and I have to say I'd forgotten how hot it could get at peak time (38*C most days!)
As it was just me and mum who went, it gave me time to have some quality mother/daughter time, it was just so lovely!
Whilst there, the daily routine was basically sun bathing for eight hours (well I did about an hour in total #parasollove) then eating amazing food and going to bed.. literally I was in total bliss for 7 days.

The part of Cyprus we stayed at was Protaras, which is about 10 minutes from the infamous Ayia Napa, which made where we were more of the family friendly part of the island, which basically had a strip of bars and restaurants, with entertainment and tribute acts a-plenty. For the majority of the holiday I basically did a lot of lounging about (even having a facial one day <3) and swimming in the pool. Though, one day we went on a little excursion, which even the title of the trip made us laugh hysterically - we went on a 'Donkey Safari' Which meant, we went to a Donkey farm and rode them through fields, similar to what was traditional of Cyprus year ago. Literally, me and mum couldn't stop laughing throughout it all, I even got the naughty donkey which decided to start galloping - I'm sure a little bit of wee came out because I genuinely thought I'd fall off an die!! (I'm really not at one with animals haha) Other then that, we moved very little, though I have to admitted I did try every cocktail there was.. well yano when your mums paying...!

So, this was my little holiday to Cyprus, now it's back to reality with work and responsibility being through by the bucket load.. aaaah to be back in the heat right now would be good!