Blog Eighteen in Twenty Fifteen

 Twenty Fifteen In; BEAUTY
 As far beauty post go, they seem to have died down in recent times on this little blog, that been purely because I've loved to play dress up and beauty has taken a back seat. Looking at the posts I've done here, I actually feel an urge to do more beauty post, because really, there's nothing I love to do more then to do little arrangements with aaaall the flowers and candles. Perhaps that's something I'll work on in 2016; its just I don't buy a lot of beauty products, but every now and again when I do it may have to appear on the blog..!
As far as beauty,  this years seen a big development for me, in terms of taking photos of products and flat lays. I actually learnt how to use my camera earlier on in the year (who knew there was another setting, bar 'auto' HAHA), so the aperture (is that the word haha?!) and lighting settings in general have help my photos look, well less shit really. I've really loved the whole, white background look of beauty photos and the endless stream of flowers me and my mum buy ourselves has not been wasted... a bunch of roses is always worth photographing!
Twenty Fifteen In; FASHION
Its my outfit photos that have really been the biggest development on this blog in 2015. Yes, I know I'm basically just standing in the same spot in my conservatory week in week out, showing you all what I wear. But, its something that I've really enjoyed, often I have thoughs self-conscious days where I just want to cut all my hair off or cry in a corner (bit dramatic but I ama girl at the end of the day haha!) But, I've started to build some confidence and have become just that little bit less awkward trying to pose for the camera (though that area really needs some work on in 2016!)
With me I love clothes and styling items, having this to look back on    
makes me feel more at ease that I do have clothes to wear on them days when I have nothing in my wardrobe!!
Here's to another year of awkward poses and half smiles...!
Twenty Fifteen On; INSTAGRAM

As far as Instagram's concerned this is the year I actually figured out how its all done, and have sadly become one of those girls who has to have everything match her theme (god forbid the break in the theme!) As I always say, at the end of it, Instagram is just a bit of fun and if taking photos, editing the shit out of them, and posting them with a funny caption brings me joy, then what's wrong with that!! - Yes, I do realise I sound like a 60 year old!
As far as this years gone, Instagram has reminded me of so much; I've been lucky enough to have two holidays; Ibiza with a big group of my friends & Cyprus with my mum. I've started the year stressed with A Levels, but ended up with grades I couldn't of dreamed of (ABBB!!!) I've had lovely days out with friends, a couple of Spa days. I've started a full time job I love, saved enough to buy a Burberry scarf with my initials (obviously haha) and finished it off with a lovely Christmas with family... Yes, there have been lows, it's inevitable, but really the highs have really out weighed them. My blog has developed extremely and I now have the time to work on it as much as I'd like; Weekends have become blog days as well as days for me to enjoy - its actually been lovely having the endless stream of coursework stop!

If you've read/ commented or even just given me a follow on bloglovin etc. thank you so much, I
hope my little space on the internet is enjoyable enough, because it brings me so much joy and I
actually get exited to take photos/write. So thank you, and here's to anyother year of rambling..!



Take Two

 [Dress; Zara | Coat; Pull & Bear | Scarf; Burberry | Tights; John Lewis | Shoes; Next]
 Ever put together a full outfit and love it some much you wear it again - exactly every single piece of that outfit, once more? Well, this is exactly what happened with this one - If you managed to stubble across my last post, you might have noticed me show I'd worn this out for some lunch with my mum. This is that outfit and I worn it that day doing that thing in my head of, 'I really like what I'm wearing today!' - So, naturally I worn it again over the weekend, trying to lighten up those pre-Christmas blues (and obviously, fully show it off in a blog post.. obviously)
 With this outfit, I'm uncharacteristically wearing black, ok I know I'm not alien to the colour (black leigh jeans are life, don't forget oxo) , but its not often I wear too many dark clothes all at once. I always try and dress as bright as possible. So hence the light brown coat and red scarf - (don't forget the red lipstick!!) I feel this is going to be one of the last full of Christmassy/wintery outfit for a while now because I'm that person who loves the Christmas build up from November onwards, but as soon as Boxing Days over, wants to forget about Christmas and look forward to Spring (no Bar Humbug, just want the dark, wintery nights to stop!!) So here's my kiss goodbye to the festive season, I'll look forward to seeing you again next year.. now where's this sunshine at?!

My Festive Week..

CHESTER; 19th December 2015.
 To kick start my Christmas Week, me and my close friend Katie, took trip to Chester for some Shopping and Christmas Market action. When you get older, the Christmas spirit seems hard to find or feel, so what better way then to have a gander round log cabins, eating fudge and singing along to 'Christmas time, mistletoe and wine..!' Because it was the last Saturday before Christmas, it was pretty packed, but we'd set out knowing that and had no pressure to have to go anywhere, we just wanted a festive day out... and that we got!!
Food With Mum; 21st December 2015
Because I'm lucky enough to have the whole of the two weeks Christmas off work (the blessing of chirstmas shutdown!!) it was only right to start the week with some leisurely lunch out with my mum! We went to place called 'Ty Golchi' - a Welsh Café, so 10 points to you if you can pronounce that!! I had some amazing Fajitas and mum had a prawn sandwich.
 A very low-key day, but they're the best aren't they?!
Christmas Day & Boxing Day; 25th, 26th of December
To end my Festive week, obviously it was CHRISTMAS! I have to say, this years day was one of the nicest we've had. Instead of going down the traditional route (and my mum, being no Nigella in the kitchen) we went out for Christmas dinner. It was actually such a nice change and something me and mum thought 'why have we never down this before??' Christmas morning was spent opening present and getting ready, then lunch at 12.30, then home in out joggers and hoddie for an evening of watching crap tv (Christmas tv this year was shocking, wasn't it?!) .. It was such a different but lovely Christmas!
For boxing day, we've had our family round for a buffet, which used to be a tradition, but something we haven't done for years. Its just so nice having all my family round and laughing and joking, and just generally being merry! It actually severally flooded in my village/ area, but luckily my whole close family live in the same village so nothing changed at all! so we had a house full on Boxing day (about 14/15 people haha!) and just a lovely lovely day.
 Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hello There, Mrs Claus

Here we are Christmas Eve, Eve. As I really didn't want to shoot an 'outfit post' (if you want to call it that lol) on Christmas day, I thought I'd try on and take a few photos of this years Christmas day dress a few days early. I bought this pinafore/skatery style dress in Zara a weeks ago and it literally just screamed Christmas to me.. Prooobably the fact its red... yeah, definitely because its red haha! 
Also, I reckon subconsciously the Mrs Claus vibes definitely shine through this dress, the roll neck and all just seems so.. Well, Christmassy, LOVE it! 
With this being my Christmas day outfit and me and my mum actually going out for Christmas Dinner this year, Heels are a must.. Because really, if you can't dress up properly on Christmas day, when CAN you?!  So out come the Mulberrys, yep I am getting my monies worth out of these shoes!! 
Anyway, this is my outfit for the big day this year... Hope whoever's reading this has a very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year, Big big Love! 


The Candles of Christmas

Ok so in my house, candles aren't exactly brought out specially for Christmas, they're EVERYWHERE,  ALL YEAR. But, around this time of year, I love to bring out the festive smells; the cinnamons, orange smells and just about every spice out there. Here, I have this year's Christmas collection of candles that are dominating the Gibson household..

 As I'm not the best at describing smells (well who is lol) I'll just give a brief description of each candle.. or just copy out what's on the labels (cheating Lisa, cheating)
The first and probably the main candle, is a new purchase but will most probably be burnt for a long time over the festive period. Its the amazing Orange Grove candle from The White Company; its a pretty big candle and smells SO nice.. very orangey! I just love orangey smells, especially around Christmas; with this candle it has orange and leave pieces melted into the bottom, which looks even more decorative - its sitting proud in the middle of our mantel piece!
Others I've picked up recently, are the two from Boots; the Golden Christmas Tree and the White Candle (similar; here) with a decorative mini golden Christmas tree lid. These were incredibly cheap, with the white candle smelling so fresh; hints of jasmine I'd say.. one of those smells you go 'www that's NICE' Finally, are some very very cheap candles that have been dotted around; a red Waitrose candle; no smell but adds some decoration to the living room and a Cinnamon smelling candle from Lidl.. On the whole, candles add such a cosy feel, something I crave at Christmas; plus the fact the room smell incredible afterwards; can you tell this girl over here is a liiitle bit of a candle-obsessive.. how did you know?!

The Christmas Party Dress 2015

[Dress; Zara | Coat: Zara (similar) | Heels; Next (similar) ]
On Monday I will going to my first ever Christmas party. Well, my first ever WORK Christmas party - the adult life is well and truly started! So being a typical girl, I thought I do a 'trial run' of sorts of what I'll be wearing.. and da-ta!
Because our Christmas party isn't anything too fancy, I felt a nice yet casual dress would be appropriate. For me, this Zara dress isn't too dressy but still is nice enough to look like I have actually made an effort! I decided I'm going to wear heels, but not too high ones - these suede grey ones pictured (my mums haha!) have a chunky 2" heel, so walking around all day/night shouldn't result in blisters and sore feet come morning!
As its Christmas and it is a party after all, what better excuse then to bring out the fur coat..! This Zara number is from around a year ago and is honestly the warmest coat I own, seriously now!!
My logic is that, yes its Mid-December and I am going to be wearing a dress, no tights and heels. But, I'm going to be inside the majority of the night, but If I am cold I have the fur coat to wrap up in.. makes sense?!

Anyway, hopefully I will have a nice time, I actually really like the people I work with so it should be a funny night, cross fingers!!


A Few Things to Love About Christmas...

As I've finally got in the Christmas spirit, I thought it was only right to show you all reasons to just love the festive period. At the end of the day, to me, life is just too short to hate Christmas. Ok ok, it might be mega commercialised nowadays and perhaps, yes the true meaning of Christmas may be lost behind the mask of John Lewis adverts and Coca Cola trucks, but life is just too precious to hate a period were twinkly lights fill the horizon and Slade is on every radio playlist imaginable.. so here are a few reason why you should quit the scrooge act immediately and start singing loud for all the hear (100 cool points if you got that Elf reference)

The Tree & Decorations; I think once the tree is up and the living room is filled with glitter, tinsel and snowmen galore, you just can feel the smile rise on your face. We usually put ours up around 2 weeks before Christmas and the festive spirit really begins, which makes dark nights in just that little big more magical! Its on those cold night in that I love to drink warm festive teas, Christmas Drinks; these being the likes of Gingerbread Green Tea or anything with a little spice- they just warm you up inside - literally Christmas in a mug!
For me, as soon as December strikes its as if no other lipstick other than Matte Red Lipsticks are aloud on my lips. Kate Moss 111 or 107 are constantly rotated and the pinks are firmly kept away till Spring.. Finally, is the Christmas Chocolate; for me, it isn't Christmas until I've eaten my own body weight in Mint Matchmakers and After Eight Mints, they literally are the BEST thing about Christmas..


Instagram Update #5

So here we are, on my fifth ( FIFTH?!) Instagram Update! I love to do these types of posts every now and again because it gives me a chance to look over what I've been up to over the past few weeks.. and reminds me that I have actually done something with my life outside of work haha!
As I always do, I'll give you a brief on what every photos is, so its not just 9 pointless squares of pictures.. context people context!
First Row: Christmas Tree's Up! | The Christmas Card Writing Began | 'Cool Kids'
Second Row: The Floods ruined my weekends plans, so The Bodyguard it was.. | Flowers on my dresser | Coffee Drinking & Biscuit Eating!
Third: USA | Happy Friday Lisa, here's your Zara order | Bills Breakfast in Cardiff
Like I always say, if you'd like to follow me on Instagram I'm over @lisaaa1809, I'll definitely be sure to give a follow back!

Be Like the Cool Kids

[T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Jumper: Zara | Jeans: Topshop | Flats: River Island | Bag: Zara]

 As soon as I saw this t-shirt sitting pretty in Urban Outfitters, all I could think of was 'I wish that I could be like the cool kids', anyone else?
Anyway, when it comes to t-shirts I can't say I'm a huge fan. Its not often I'll go into my wardrobe and think to throw one on - I'd say I'm more of the flowy blouse type-girl. But, when I saw this 'Cool Kids' tee I really couldn't resist. To be honest, its probably my inner teenager (though this is my final year of being a teen, omg) who still wants to 'be like the cool kids' - ha. *Cue the inspirational 'be yourself, being cool isn't cool' messages HA*. No but seriously, the t-shirt itself was just too cute to not buy. When it comes to t-shirts I often think that they can be a little unflattering if not the right fit/shape. I do have some deep in my wardrobe, but they're just that bit to baggy and to be honest, I just feel like a frumpy messy if I wore them. But with this, its has a nice shape and because its slightly cropped, it doesn't give off the frumpy vibes of the average tee.
Basically, what I'm trying to say is, when I wore it over the weekend I did in fact feel like a cool kid and that made me happy. So yeah, thank Urban Outfitters, thanks a lot oxox



When looking back at these photos now, I can't help but think they look extremely Christmassy; originally it wasn't actually supposed to be - I basically wanted to do a post about the colour red in general.. but I think I'm just going to roll with the festive vibes going on here..!
Like I just said, in this post I wanted to write about how much I've been loving red at the moment. Whether its the lipstick I've sported everyday (quite literally), the red roses I have perched on my dressing table or the red nail polish I've donned for a while (though I have had to take it off because its a bugger for staining!) I've seen quite the a pattern forming.
I often do this, I go through fazes were I love just one colour, then every time I see something of that colour my eyes are just drawn to it.
To be honest, I think it is definitely the fact the countdown to Christmas is officially on, because honestly, is there a more festive colour?! (serious question) I feel my faze of loving red will carry on for the coming weeks, with the roll neck pictured below probably going to be warn for as many days as possible.. Now, all I have in my head is the song 'red red wiiiiine' haha

Somehow Growing Old Feels Fine

So, as I've mentioned before here, just shy of two months ago I started a new job. An actual adult-real-life-9-to-5-Monday-to-Friday job.. know the one I mean?
As I'd made a solid decision that University was not for me, a full time job was the obvious answer. To be honest, Its actually suited me perfectly, because I genuinely found the last year of Sixth form horrendous, with the endless deadlines, the work load, the stress.. just all of it was horribly depressing for me. So, even the thought of going straight from that to studying for a degree (not to mention the moving away and full on independent living) was just the worst idea, I literally even think now how much it would have made me unhappy.
So, I decided to look for a Full-time job, and that I was blessed with. Now, here I am happier and more-content then ever. As I now here I am (trying) to live the adult life - well, yes I do still live with my mum and she does still cook me tea every night.. but I HAVE made steps to being independent..
I thought I do a list of a few things I've learnt of the past few months and the transition from school pupil to actually worker of the real world.. wish me luck.
1. Money is the Common Denominator; Ok so here's me trying to be adult-like, but I literally searched Justin Biebers first album to find out how to spell that, SO wasn't obsessed with My World 2.0 aged 14... So, as I've started to earn a regular wage, I've started to pay my mum every week for keep, which is only fair. Then I have to counter in petrol every week, then there's saving for that handbag... Yeah, earning money means spending money, so basically money is always on my mind.. how much is coming in, how much is going out. Money, now seems to be even more important, basically I've now realised the phrase 'Money is what makes the world go round' is very close to the truth.
2. Time is Precious; It seemed when I was in school, time didn't matter. There was nothing I could do that would change the fact I was in full time education, my daily goals were to complete homework, get a good grade on test etc etc. But now, now time seems too precious for my liking, because now I can actually change what I do with my life. When a week goes too fast I'm like, omg what did I actually achieve this week? - Ok, I doesn't worry me hugely, but I do think more now, about how I spend my free time. What my goals are and what I want to do in life... ok, this is way too deep for my liking, on to a more up beat point..
3. Getting Exited about Tomorrows Lunchbox; Its actually a daily routine now, every evening I pack my lunchbox, ready for 12.30pm the following day. Its actually quite sad but I've found myself going food shopping and being exited about what I can find for that weeks lunch box.. Ok it sounds way sadder typing that out; all I can say is the Rock'n'Roll lifestyle would definitely not be for me.. I'll stick to planning tomorrows Actimel and chicken sandwich HAHA. 
They were just a few things that have, lets say, transitioned into my life. Honestly though, I am far happier with my life now, then I was throughout the whole of A Level.. all I can say is this is a massive up yours to every teacher or person who thinks its University or Die.. I'd much rather be Happy & Degree-less then Visa Versa, that's for sure... 

Haulin' Up

As mentioned in Mondays post, I went shopping. As aside from the beaut of a jumper I discovered in a vintage shop, I obviously stepped into Zara. Literally, anybody who knows me personally, will know I absolutely ADORE Zara (putting that word in capitals only seemed appropriate) As I live deep in the country side, here in North Wales, the nearest actual Zara store is about 1 1/2s drive.. so whenever I'm actually in a city which has a Zara, it actually feels like an occasion to me; probably why I go all out and the receipt is never less then 3 figures.. little bit obsessed.

So, whilst I actually ventured out of the farm lands, I felt it was only appropriate to splurge on some knitwear. I picked up an incredibly soft, thick grey knit and thee warmest jumper of them all, a chunky cream number; both roll neck, both beautiful. Also in Zara, I managed to pick my provisional Christmas day outfit, a red-patterned pinafore style dress and a red textured roll neck for underneath.. expect a outfit post in the very foreseeable future..
Finally, although I didn't buy this whilst in the store, I did order it a few days later (just to make up the price of the free delivery really ha) I bought the small, tasselled side bag, specifically for my work Christmas party in a few weeks. Its quite a compact little bag, with a drawstring type closure on it. I actually don't have a black side bag, so for once I've bought a basic accessory that will actually go with everything.. *pats self on back*

After leaving Zara with a considerably lighter bank balance then previous; my friend wanted to go into Urban Outfitters - a shop that I often forget about, again probably because the nearest actually store is about 2 hours away.. see how deprived I am living in the countryside, huh?! HAHA.
Whilst there I was actually surprised at their collections, and picked up a simple white t-shirt, that's slightly cropped with the phrase 'cools kids' written on the side. I just thought it was as really quirky spin on a simple white t-shirt, so I am definitely happy with this find! Finally, again from Urban Outfitters, I bought something that I never knew how much I needed until it was in my hands; a portable phone charger. I've obviously heard of them, but never thought  it would be of use to me.. how wrong was I?! As, I said before, I was in Cardiff shopping which takes just shy of 5 hours via train to get to. Well, on the journey home it was literally a god send to know I could use may phone for as long as I wanted with out my phone dying on me, I think the charger was out within the first hour my journey.. and it was only £8, genius.



 [Jumper; Vintage | Jeans; All Saints (similar) | Boots; Zara (similar)]
 So a few weeks ago in a blog post, I wittered on about how I hated my wardrobe and everything in there had been over worn, and basically it just needed a freshen up. Well, low and behold, I went on a massive spending spree and as if by magic I now don't hate my wardrobe.. there are now items which are actually appropriate for winter (I did kinda buy 3 knitted jumpers, all coming up in Wednesdays post..!)

For me, my style kind of changes, you could say like the weather haha but genuinely the weather does play a very big roll in what I decide to put on in the morning. Often, I do dress down, yano the plan top and black jeans. But, more often then that I like to dress with a bit of colour, there is not that many neutrals in my wardrobe, to be honest I never help myself when I go shopping.. my eyes are just drawn to the bright patterns and colours. This stars-and-stripes themed jumper, I sported over the weekend being no exception. I actually picked it up in a little vintage shop in Cardiff, me not being one to automatically think to go into vintage shops, I was actually surprised as how much I like things they sold. I honesty really love this jumper and am so happy I managed to find it.. like the women behind the till said as I bought it 'no one around is going to have this jumper, apart from you' - I think that made me smile just that little bit more.

As it keeps in with the current rollneck trend that's been sported this a/w, I've got a feelings its going to get a lot of wear. I got round to wearing it over the weekend, and paired it with some simple white wash denim and warm boots. But, I do think it will go with any bottoms, because its simple enough with the cream, but the pattern of the flag will make the outfit stand out a little bit more... love love love.

A Very Burberry Christmas

So, I've tried to put off a Christmas post as much as I could as the festive spirit shouldn't really kick in until December.. well were only like a few days away now aren't we. Besides, with campaigns such as John Lewis, Sainsbury's and Burberry all launching beautiful Christmas ads recently, who can blame us all for being just a little bit exited for the big day, so early on... *in the voice of Noddy Holder* ITS CHRIIIISTMAS!
A few weeks back, Burberry, the ever beautiful ever giving brand they are, provided us, the viewing public with the most stunning Christmas campaign ive seen in a long time. Being a very proud owner of one of their beautiful scarves (*tries best not to sound as if I'm bragging, I'm really not*) I seemed to love this campign even more. The pride inside of of seeing this and thinking, 'wahay Romeo Bekcham has the same scarf as me!!' made me endlessly smile.
Plus the fact that everything just screams Christmas, the décor, the colours, the glitter and snow that surrounds it, just makes you jealous that you aren't Rosie Huntington-Whitley; well what day of the year don't you wish you were Rosie HW, eh? *Sad face*
Anyway, that's my thoughts on the Burberry Christmas Campaign and here's to the start of many Christmas-themed posts that'll probably run through this lil'blog of mine in the coming weeks... weeeell like I said it is nearly December, so forgive me for being just that little bit exited that the festive season is officially beginning... it is the most wonderful time of the year, after all isn't it?!