Final Design 1

Final Design 2
So, here is one of the many reasons for my (very) inconsistent blogging recently - BLOODY A LEVEL ART. Yes, these are my finished pieces for my coursework that, thank the lord, has to be submitted this Friday.
I thought I'd put up these photographs up for me really, because in a year or two, if I'm still blogging, then it'll be nice to look back on what I created in my final year of school (I smile as I type 'final')
I won't bother going into detail about every single element of these, because I'm literally sick of typing the reasons (I've just finished a 5 page evaluation explaining these buggers!) 
But simply, my subject matter surrounded 'Gender Stereotyping' and how if women don't fit the stereotype created by society, they are labelled 'out of place'
So yes, here are my final pieces.
I agree that they aren't amazing, I'm not the best artist in the world I know, but they're finished now and to be honest I just want to be rid of them haha!
(can you sense by my tone that I'm reeeeally done with school, LOL)


  1. These are brilliant well done! Polaroids are perfect for things like this! I feel your pain, I finished a levels 3 years ago and I am in my third year at uni but I'd still say a level art was harder than all of that! Good luck for your results!

    I do photography too, if you want to check out my most recent short film!

    May // Drops of Brandy


    1. Aw thank you so much! YES, polaroid's are great aren't they?! oh god A level art, I'm sure was create by the devil! Thank you, I really can't wait for results day, because it means my A levels are over haha xx