Forgive me please..

HAPPY 2015!
Before I start rambling, this post is primarily going to consist of me talking about my lack of blogging and the topic that is hotly moaned about on this blog... school. So if you're fashion or beauty lover, no luck with this post I'm afraid.

Yano, just writing that short paragraph then makes me miss having time to actually blog about things. I say this because school at the moment is heavy going, and I mean heavy.going. That this why I'm writing this post, to kind of justify why I've been so shitty in photographing/writing ANYTHING consistently on here since probably September time. 
I feel, in life the things you do is all down to matter of priority and blogging isn't mine at the moment, finishing and passing my A Levels is. Meaning, taking time out of my studies and taking 20 photos of a lipstick isn't going to get me that A in Sociology or a B in Art (seriously, I've tried and it really won't!) 
So the moral to this short story is, although my brain is constantly thinking 'www that would make a great photo' or 'I could blog about that' I need to prioritise my school work. After all, if it turns out I get three U's in my final results, I don't think having a moderately nice blog would justify it.

But, I've made the decision to take a gap year after A Levels and during that time BLOGGING is going to be my priority. So if there is anyone out there who likes this corner of the internet, then your welcome to return in September when I officially start my gap year and attempt to create a MUCH better blog then what's running right now...

adios for now amigos x

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