Mid-January 2015 | Favourites

Five Favourites from the month of January 2015.
Ted Baker Candle | Miami
Candles. a cliché for any girl nowadays, my bedroom is full of them, and after receiving this off a certain Mr Claus I have yet another to burn during them cold winter nights. Its definitely a strong smelling candles, but because it smells so fresh - (star apple and passion fruit says the website) it definitely hits you when you walk in a room. To be honest, you don't really need to light it, because when its just unlit at my desk, I often get wafts of the scent! You did gooood Ted Baker, very good in candle making!
I may be a tiny bit late on the ol'bandwagon with this one, since it seems to have been raved about since pretty much FOREVER. But, my god talked about a beautiful set of shades. I'm just in ore over how beautiful the colours are and how well they stay on the lids. I'll admit, I'm not a Smokey Eye girl, even a dab of dark brown and my eyes resort to the size of pin heads (yep, god wasn't kind in given us all those smouldering big eyes, damn you Mila Kunis!) Meaning my eyes are a constant light-eyeshadow-zone and this palette is PERFECT for that! Out of the 12 shades, I'd say 10 of them accommodate my need for light shades, so if your a light eyed girl like me, go grab it now!
Another year, another new lipstick, that's never going to change. This was another Christmas present off my mum and yano, the women did good this year! Unlike many of my other lipstick, this is what they call a 'Satin Finish' Lipstick (god knows lol) Because I've never tried this type before, I thought it felt quite funny, because it feels moisturising but at the same time feels as if its going to rub off in a heartbeat... but it doesn't. But, the more I wear it I've come to accept the strange texture and I haven't stopped wearing it throughout this month, well since Christmas day really..!
Moving on from beauty, here is my third love (after coffee and lipstick duh!) ... Fruit/Herbal Tea. I just feel they are so hydrating and when you combine the tastiness of Raspberries you definitely on for a winner! This tea is like THEE nicest smelling tea you'll ever smell, its seriously amazing! I've basically drank it everyday and am like a few bags away from finishing, so it'll be on the next shopping list I can tell you that!
Now, this isn't your average beauty person who talks about how much they love foundation via prettily lit videos. This is a COMPLETELY different YouTube channel and its all in the aid of relaxation. Seriously, Maria,  the women behind this amazing channel, creates videos all with whispered voice and helps you to have what is called 'brain tingles'. Its a sensation called ASMR, its quite hard to describe. But its a sensation which causes you to relax... what more do you need in life, eh? All I've been doing recently is sit with a hot drink, with headphones in watching her videos on my IPad. She creates videos with different tapping and crinkling sounds, which I know does sound a little strange, but if you've never watch a video like this before, watch one with an open mind, because not everyone finds these relaxing... but boy, I seriously do!


  1. I love YSL lipsticks, they never fail and always have gorgeous colours to choose from :)

    1. Ooh definitely! I have a lot of love for YSL at the moment!! x

  2. I love the Twinnings herbal tea but I've never tried that flavour before - it sounds amazing I'm gonna have to try it!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  3. You MUST try it! Its like the tastiest tea ive ever tried hahaha x