My Love For Scrapbooking

Yes, I just had to write a post about my love for scrapbooks. I've been doing it since as long I can remember, well the 9th of September 2006 , when I was 9 years old to be exact (just used said scrapbooks to find date!)
To me, a scrapbook is such a creative and wonderful way to commemorate memories, because really there's only so much you can remember off the top of your head. Ok, it may be a bit lame keeping that train ticket after a movie you saw, or a that receipt of a burger from a random day out. But to me, they're things that made me happy at that exact point in my life. A stupid photo of me and my friend we took, yes we may look hideous, but in 10 years time, I my look back on that photo and a millions memories my flood back. Don't get me wrong, I don't scrapbook EVERYTHING that goes on in my life, because quite frankly, I don't get up to anything extraordinary every single week. But to put together a collage regularly of highlights, or happenings, really is something lovely to look back on.
I'm telling you now, if your having a bit of a shitty day, looking back on a scrapbook of 'random crap', will almost instantly lift your spirits. You'd be surprise how much a stupid photo of you and friends looking hideous, will put smile back on your face.

For me, my scrapbooks aren't necessarily all photographs I've taken myself. To be all technical, my scrapbooks are 'mixed media', meaning they are a mix of photos, ripped out magazines and little knick-knacks I've pick up along the way. I absolutely love collecting things, if I'm on a day out in a city somewhere for instance, keeping random bits such as a ticket or a leaflet, really illustrates your time there. Magazines are the same, I read lots of magazines such as LOOK or ELLE, and obviously there are lots of beautiful photos in them. So I could literally make a page in my scrapbook about what clothes or things I like at the moment.
I often look back at my old scrapbook from about 5 years ago, and its always interesting to see how much your style has changes, I literally used to like cutting out pictures of neon pink clothes.. what was I thinking!

 As my actual scrapbook, I don't like having big books as I feel its harder to fill the pages up and make it look nice. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and although my scrapbook doesn't have to look amazing, like I'm not getting marked on it for personal presentation, I still like each page to look nice. So, I recently bought this little-bit-larger than A5 notebook, I find these sizes so much better because I can fit everything I want, without there being massive white gaps (the horror)
 Plus the fact this one has 'Random Crap' written on it, is just great, because to everyone else, the content is absolute crap, but I'm a sentimentalist so its anything but crap to me!

The End Result
So here is an example of a previous page in my old scrapbook that I finished just after Christmas. As you can see its not amazing, but its personal to me. This is a page form March/April time last year, and I've highlighted the fact I passed my driving test (a massive achievement for me!) Like I've mentioned, I've used a mix of personal photos, magazine snippets as well as little things I've collected. Thinking of this right now, its almost a year ago, which makes me do the cliché 'where has the time gone, eh?'!!

So if you've made it this far, well done. That's my love for scrapbooks out in the open!
If you're not the sentimentalist then you've probably rolled your eyes at all the above, but to you who are, I hope you have a wonderful books to look back on in years to come and can either laugh or cringe at all the fun things you've done!!


  1. Wow, loved the post! I've recently discovered love for scrapbooking. Check it out!

    1. Aw thank you! Ill be sure to have a look at your scrapbooking adventure!! xx