Brush Brush

"You cannot achieve good makeup without good tools" ~ François Nars

They come in all sizes, thin, angles, pointed. The development of cuts and shapes are endless. Here are my selection as a result of many years of Selfridges splurges and Instagram envy...
 Real Techniques. Urban Decay. MAC.Charlotte Tilbury.
I may not have the biggest collection but they certainly do the trick for me.

Real Techniques

Lets begin with the 'traditional' Real Techniques brushes, and one of the first I ever bought; the Shading Brush. I personally don't always follow what brushes are really for, but this I do in fact use to 'enhance the eyes'. Usually, after applying light eye shadow the lid, I'll switch to this brush and add dark eye shadow to the crease. Its just the perfect size to bring my eyes to life, without adding too much product, marvellous! Second is the Blush brush, a perfectly shaped cut, which can be used in more than one way. I usually use the tip to actually add the colour to my cheeks and use the sides to blend it out more, if I feel I've put too much is on my cheeks - it certainly has saved me from some clown-looking disasters in the past!
The next two Real Techniques are Bold Metals and are in fact new buys. I have to ask you, aren't they just the most beautifully designed brushes, like ever? hahaha ok, dramatics over. Still, they look so elegant and classy that I couldn't resist buying them in a heartbeat. Since buying them recently, I've found the silver Oval Shadow brush to be perfect for concealer under the eyes, yes it technically for eye shadow, but if the shoe fits.. 
Finally, is the rose gold Tapered Blush brush. As I already have a blush brush, I *technically* didn't need this, oh well to late now (wink wink) I've decided this will do for applying sun cream on my face in the summer, as I've figured applying sun cream with fingers isn't very hygienic and I literally will do anything to avoid making my acne worse! I do have two holiday this year though so, this'll definitely get its use!

MAC. Charlotte Tilbury.

Here, I firstly have the MAC 168 brush, an angled contour brush. Again, I don't use this for what it's supposed to, I use it for applying powder under my eyes. As it's angled, it a lot easier to fit under my eyes, and soft enough not to apply too much. I have to admit, I'm not much of a MAC lover, which is funny because half the worlds population seems to rave about everything MAC, I must have heard the words 'Lady Danger' or 'Russian Red' about a million times when watching Youtube! Still, I just don't find there cosmetics that inspiring and probably because the brand is hyped so much, I think its put me off looking into more they have to offer. I think I'll just stick to this brush for now... sorry MAC x
Also pictured is the Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender Brush - the best and my personal favourite make up brush. ever. The design is so elegant, and it has practically saved me from having panda-eye style dramas! I use it after I've applied eye shadow to the crease. It works so effortlessly in blending out the shadow and makes it look seamless. I can't emphasis how much I love this brush, it's the best.

Urban Decay.

Finally, these two Urban Decay brush, which are given with the Naked and Naked 3 palettes.
 The silver brush on the right came with the original Naked palette and I absolutely love it! I used it for applying the main part of my eye shadow, over the whole lid. Its just the perfect size and applies enough product, meaning you can build up the eye shadow relatively quickly. Usually when a makeup tool is given with eye shadow, its generally not very good, but this is such a good addition to the palette and just makes me love the original Naked palette even more!
Finally finally (last brush I promise!!) is the gold brush given with the Naked 3 palette. The palette itself is absolutely gorgeous and this brush is not too shabby either. One end has a big eye shadow brush, that I usually use to dust a glitter of pigment over the lids at the end. As the bristles aren't as compacted compared to the brush given with the Naked palette, it doesn't apply shadow as heavily, meaning if you were to use it to apply shadow all over the lids it would take a lot longer to build up. On the other side of the brush, the brush is a lot smaller, and has more of a pointed tip. I find this works best to apply either a darker, more precise colour to the crease, or use it with shadow as an alternative to liquid eyeliner. On the whole though, its a genuinely great brush to have alongside the palette.

And there we have it, ma brushes people.
If you, reading this have any brushes you feel deserves more limelight, comment below.


Overspending, Again.

Right, yes I went shopping and spent too much on very little, damn. I should be saving for a holiday to Ibiza in July (emphasis on the should), but when you're in a city and there's so many shops you love, it's hard!
First shop I popped into was Boots and I literally had these written on my list of 'must buys' - the Real Techniques Bold Metals: Tapered Blush & Oval Shadow brushes. They just look like the most beautiful brushes ever and I just love how fancy they looked! I bought the Oval shadow brush with the intention of using it for concealer under my eyes, because it looks the perfect size - side note; since taking these photos I have in fact used that brush for the said intention, and it works perfectly, woo.With the tapered brush, I'm not going to lie, I kind of panic bought it because it looked nice and it was the last one on the shelf - I'll find a use for it, I'm sure!
Next I went into the Harvey Nichols beauty hall *swoon*. As I have troubled skin I thought a small investment in skincare is allowed, so when I saw the Dermalogica counter, I thought a quick look wouldn't hurt. As I was looking, the lady working there suggested giving me a Skin Mapping to figure out which type of products would be best. I eventually bought the Precleanse & Oil Free Matte SPF 30 - Both good for the problem skin, both good for clearing the skin; *thumbs up*
As my local Superdrug doesn't sell Essie, I just had to pick one up whilst the chance was there;
I chose Mezmerised. It's a shiny, royal blue and with Sapphire being my birthstone, I think I subconsciously bought this with that in mind. I have it on my nails in the above photo, and I have to say it's a very classy shade, and as ever it's an amazing formula and last a lot longer then any other nail varnish I've tried *thumbs up again*
Finally I went to lush, how cliché. I know, I know every man and his dog is in love with Lush at the moment, oh well *jumps on bandwagon*. First I went straight for the bath bombs and bought Unicorn Horn & The Comforter . The Unicorn Horn bath bomb or bath melt or whatever it is, just looks amazing - only reason it was put in my basket! The Comforter thought smells like Ribena, the drink I practically live on (no joke) so I actually had to restrain myself from putting the whole pile in my basket!
After puting some stereotypical lush products in my basket, I went for something different, that I knew I needed to find - H'suan Wen Hua. Its serum you put in your hair 20 minutes before a shower, and is apt for damaged/dry hair. I probably wouldn't have gone for it if I was just browsing the shop, but after reading Zoe London's Post, I was instantly convinced! I can't give any full review yet, but I would note it smells DISGUSTING, like seriously vile; oh well it is all natural after all!


aaah Valentines, that love-hate holiday that's never ignored...
Some dine out with a loved one (not me), some spend time gazing into each others eyes and declare their love for one another (not me) and some laze on the sofa, watching The Bodyguard with a box of chocolates all on their own (yep, that last one is definitely me)
Although the day has become some what commercialised, with tacky balloons, giant cards, and even Valentines cakes (say whaaaat?) I still love this time of year because everything is so lovely and bright, with pink themes running through every shop, giving everyone that much needed sign that spring is on its way.. (see this as reference)
Anyway, whatever you're doing on this fine day, with or without a loved one (single ladies, high five) Happy Valentines Day everyone!


Four Candles

- 'Four Candles, Folk Handles'... If you're not from Britain and aren't a fan of wholesome comedy, then I suggest googling 'The Two Ronnie's' and you'll soon understand my reference -

Candles, its such a cliché nowadays, that I feel slightly repetitive and jumping on some kind of internet bandwagon by writing about them. OH WELL, what is unique on the interwebs these days, ha!
When I first thought of creating a post about candles, I panicked that I only that like 3 dotting round the house, nope I counted about fifteen, oops. Looks as if both me and my mum love burning wax more than we thought... To me, burning a candle is the ultimate way to switch off, as soon as I'm in my pj's, the lamps are one and its dark out, candles are the best way to bring together the ultimate cosy vibe ('cosy vibe' haha) Winter just isn't the same without candles burning in my living room!
I think I'll type the word candles one more time to finish because I don't think I said it enough in this post #candles

p.s. if anyone reads this and has any lovely smelling candle suggestions.. let me know!