Four Candles

- 'Four Candles, Folk Handles'... If you're not from Britain and aren't a fan of wholesome comedy, then I suggest googling 'The Two Ronnie's' and you'll soon understand my reference -

Candles, its such a cliché nowadays, that I feel slightly repetitive and jumping on some kind of internet bandwagon by writing about them. OH WELL, what is unique on the interwebs these days, ha!
When I first thought of creating a post about candles, I panicked that I only that like 3 dotting round the house, nope I counted about fifteen, oops. Looks as if both me and my mum love burning wax more than we thought... To me, burning a candle is the ultimate way to switch off, as soon as I'm in my pj's, the lamps are one and its dark out, candles are the best way to bring together the ultimate cosy vibe ('cosy vibe' haha) Winter just isn't the same without candles burning in my living room!
I think I'll type the word candles one more time to finish because I don't think I said it enough in this post #candles

p.s. if anyone reads this and has any lovely smelling candle suggestions.. let me know!



  1. I love candles too, there is nothing like burning one after you've cleaned the house! I recently got a nice one from this brand called Middletree. I have their Frankincense & Myrrh one and it is amazing! (
    -Olivia. xx

  2. Www ive never heard of this brand, i'll have to have a look!
    Thanks for the recommendation :) xxx

  3. I love candles as well. I feel like I have way too many (but can one ever have too many candles?) :D
    I just discovered your blog and I really like the photographs you take :)
    following you now ;)

    - Laura

    1. Haha the more the merrier I say when it comes to candles!!
      Thank you so much for your kind words xxx